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Skim Vac Inground Pool Vac Plate for Dyna-Skim, White

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The Hayward Skim-Vac Pool Plate will end your search for a healthy inground pool. This skimmer vac plate part works great with swimming pool skimmer models SP1082, 1084, 1085, and 1075. The O-ring is included. This replacement pool part’s official model number is SP1106. This pool replacement plate part is easy to use. Just put this vacuum plate on top of your skimmer basket. Your pool vacuum hose will then connect to the plate to create maximum suction while your basket remains steady, keeping your water clean and your pump strainer basket debris-free. When you use this Hayward vacuum plate, you’ll get the most out of your inground pool skimmer basket. Thanks to this vacuum plate part, you won’t need to use the pump strainer basket. When your pump strainer basket isn’t in use, then you won’t need to turn your pool pump on and off. Leaving your pool pump off can worsen algae problems and increase the need for chlorine and other chemicals. Let your pool pump do its job, while this vacuum plate part ensures those waters stay clean. But this vacuum plate part’s talents don’t end there. When debris collects in your skimmer basket, then those clogs overwork your pump, so it struggles to cycle water. A harder working pump means a shorter life. Thanks to this vacuum plate part, your pool pump will enjoy a longer and healthier life, and you’ll love your gleaming pool. If you want a tough inground pool part, then this is the pool skimmer vac plate for you. This PVC-constructed skimmer vacuum plate stands up harsh winters and sun alike, as this material won’t crack in the cold or break down in the heat. Among 1 of the toughest plastics, this part will keep your pool and your Skimmer Vacuum Plate strong throughout the seasons. When you’ve got an inground pool, maintenance is tough and each spare skimmer part counts. This Hayward Large Skim-Vac Plate Skimmer is an important and versatile pool replacement part which keeps your inground pool clean and you ready to swim.


  • Easy to use. Just put plate on top of skimmer basket. Your pool vacuum hose connects to plate for suction
  • Relieves pump strainer basket overuse so you won’t need to turn your pool pump on and off
  • PVC-constructed skimmer vacuum plate stands up harsher winters and sun
  • Large skimmer vacuum plate with 1.5-inch straight adapter
  • Fits Hayward swimming pool skimmers SP1082, 1084, 1085, 1075 models
  • Preserves pump so it doesn't have to overwork and stays in great shape for years
  • O-ring is included
  • 8-inch diameter
  • Part Number: SP1106
  • Product type: Inground pool vacuum plate
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty
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