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SP1419E 1.5-Inch Fitting Pool Return Jet, 1-Inch Eye Ball

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Get water moving to where you need it to with the Hayward SP1419E Replacement Pool Jet. Giving your pool the proper circulation it needs is important for the health of your pool. Because of your filter system, a certain amount of water will always be moving in your pool. But without water jets, there would be large patches throughout your pool that wouldn't be pulled into the current. These 'dead zones' can be a prime location for dirt and grime to gather, since the water there isn't being filtered. Additionally, chemical cleaners like chlorine have a hard time getting into dead zones since water isn't flowing into them. As a result, they can become a home for bacteria and algae. The SP1419E Pool Jet makes it easy to set up a circulation pattern that works for your pool. Because of the ball-in-socket design you can direct it to push water in almost any direction. As a result, you can set up the kind of flow pattern that you need to avoid dead spots. With it's 1.5-inch size, this pool jet can fit into almost any standard return fittings. That said, it's ideal for Hayward's concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass inlet fittings. Installing the pool jet in one of these fittings is simple. All you have to do is unscrew the old jet and screw in the new one. When you screw in the new jet, you'll also be locking in the direction that the ball socket is facing. That'll keep it from sliding into a different direction. Tightening the jet can be done with a pair of pliers, but we would recommend using your hands since pliers can scratch or break the jet and siding in your pool. Alternatively, a specialized grip wrench with a rubber strap can do the job of a pair of pliers without risking any damage. Don't let your pool fall pray to dead zones. Keep your water moving the way it's meant to with the Hayward SP1419E Replacement Pool Jet.


  • Hayward 1.5-inch replacement return jet with 1-inch Opening
  • 1.5-inch male thread inlet
  • Will fit most standard return fittings
  • Made with cycolac for long-lasting durability
  • Ball-in-socket design is fully adjustable to direct flow to any area of pool for proper circulation pattern
  • Tightening the jet into the wall tightens the ball socket as well, keeping the flow direction where you want it
  • Velocity of water coming from the jet can be changed for personal preference
  • Perfect match for Hayward's concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass inlet fittings
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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