HD Hudson

| HDH-60151TP

1-Gallon Weed 'N Bug Eliminator Sprayer with Pump, 2 Pack

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If your garden is overrun with bugs or weeds – or worse, both – you need solutions, and you need them fast. This twin-pack HD Hudson 1-Gallon Sprayer with Pump set lets you get after whatever is ailing your plants. Because this product includes 2 sprayers, you can designate 1 for pesticide and 1 for herbicide; label them carefully so you’re using the right 1 on the right target. These tanks couldn’t be easier to use: simply pour the measured amount of liquid spray material into the open tank, add water as directed (not filling past the max fill line), insert pump and turn clockwise to seal. Then, you unlock the pump handle by pushing it down and turning it. Pump up and down until it’s difficult to do so; that means your tank is at maximum pressure and you’re ready to spray. Thanks to the 34-inch kink-resistant hose and 12-inch sprayer wand and an adjustable nozzle that lets you go from a fine mist to a strong stream, you’ll be able to target a broad area or really get down in the weeds, up close. These sprayers let you avoid the cramped trigger finger that comes with spray bottles because once you’ve pumped them up, it’s just a matter of pressing the valve control. When the sprayer quits working, simply pump it up some more. When you’re done, you can release leftover pressure in the sprayer by laying it on its side, turning the nozzle away from you, and squeezing the shutoff lever to let air escape. Then, stand it up and slowly unscrew the pump from the tank. The tanks are made of tough plastic, so they’ll last for a long time and handle just about any chemical, except acetone-based products. It’s a good idea to clean them out after each use to keep residue from hardening and building up. A filter helps keep the nozzle from getting clogged up. With these Hudson weed and bug eliminator sprayers, you’ll stay on top of all kinds of pests throughout the growing season.


  • Two sprayers included to control unwanted bugs and weeds in the garden
  • Adjustable nozzle changes from mist to stream
  • One-handed spraying thanks to innovative design
  • Thumb-operated valve with on/off lock
  • Built-in filter to avoid clogs
  • 34-inch flexible hose is resistant to kinking
  • Translucent tank includes convenient funnel top
  • D-handle pump for easy, comfortable use
  • 12-inch spray wand included
  • Assembly required (no tools necessary)
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 14 x 7.8 x 13 inches
  • Manufacturer warranty: 90 day warranty

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