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SP2 Piston Pump Bak Pak 4-Gallon Garden Sprayer

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Water your growing plants, spray pesticide or herbicide to keep your garden pest-free, pressure-wash away oil stains on your driveway, or treat your deck. The SP2 Piston Pump Bak Pak 4-Gallon Garden Sprayer from HD Hudson can do it all. This multi-use backpack garden sprayer comes with several nozzles and a long hose, everything you need to get your different jobs done. Fill up this 4-gallon backpack sprayer, sling it over your shoulder, and get to work. This gardening and pest control backpack sprayer is made for easy use over long periods of time. To fill it, just remove the cap and pour in your solution. You should mix up your chemicals before adding them to the backpack sprayer. The large mouth at the top of the backpack sprayer tank makes it easy to add your pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other solutions spill-free. Spray your solution continuously without worrying about clumps in your sprayer tank. This backpack sprayer features a strainer in the mouth that catches solution clumps and debris. Ergonomic backpack straps keep you mobile and reduces back strain. This backpack sprayer makes it easy for you to spray the perimeter of your lawn or garden, take care of your neighbor's wasp problem, or pressure-wash your gutters clean. To first pressurize this tank sprayer, simply pump it 25 times. After that, you should pump the backpack sprayer again about every 5 seconds to maintain pressure. Press down on the steel handle easily to pressurize the hand pump sprayer. This hand pump pressurized sprayer uses a sealed piston pump with a maximum pressure of 180 PSI. Take on any job that comes your way with the included wand, nozzles, and hose. Spray areas out of your reach with the 20-inch-long brass wand on this pest control garden sprayer. Change the pattern of the brass nozzle's spray to suit gardening, pressure washing, and pest control. This backpack garden sprayer includes 3 other plastic flat fan nozzles to take on even more jobs. These nozzles feature different patterns and are color-coded so you always remember what nozzle you need on your backpack sprayer. Set down the backpack sprayer and have a buddy continue pumping while you walk to a hard-to-reach spot. This hand pump garden sprayer uses a 47-inch, anti-kink hose so you always get the range you need. Know if you're running low on your mixture at a glance. This backpack sprayer features a clear tank so you can monitor your solution at all times. Use 1 tool to tackle many projects. The HD HudsonSP2 Piston Pump Bak Pak 4-Gallon Garden Sprayer travels with you and several accessories to handle all your outdoor gardening, pest control, and cleaning jobs.


  • Translucent 4-gallon poly tank safely handles a variety of chemicals, including chlorine, so you can tackle tough tasks like exterminating pests, killing weeds, cleaning concrete, or treating a deck
  • Ergonomic back-pack has adjustable padded straps and is perfect for spraying larger areas or for accessing places that require the use of a ladder
  • Powerful 180-PSI sealed pump with a sturdy steel handle
  • 20-inch brass wand with adjustable brass cone pattern nozzle provide long-reach and versatility
  • 47-inch anti-kink steel pump hose
  • Locking shut-off valve with in-line filter
  • Includes 3 plastic flat fan nozzles that are color-coded for easier use
  • Large easy-to-fill mouth with strainer
  • Specially equipped with Viton seals
  • Specifications: 
  • Hose length: 47 inches
  • Capacity: 4 gallons
  • Product/item type: Backpack sprayer
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Clear  
  • Manufacturer warranty: 90-day warranty

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