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26-Inch Curved Wooden Handle Multipurpose Axe

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There are certain tools that are must-haves in case of a storm or disaster. One of those tools happens to be an axe. For all things chopping and clearing brush, use a reliable hand tool like the 26-Inch Curved Wooden Handle Multipurpose Axe. Built with a durable hickory wood handle and Swedish steel blade, you simply won't find a wooden axe made with better materials. The ergonomic, wooden handle allows for excellent grip while the sharp steel blade makes light work of any wood in its path. Those 2 elements combine to make for an incredibly durable and reliable tool to have in your shed. This isn't your run of the mill axe. The head of the axe comes attached to a shaft with both a wooden and steel wedge, meaning it is fastened securely. The curved handle gives users a superior grip to axes with a straight handle, while the 26-inch length gives you a superior reach to small axes or hatchets. Along with the axe, this purchase comes with a handy leather sheath. This sheath is designed to help protect the edge of your ax's blade during storage -- keeping it sharp, damage free, and ready to use when you are. Unlike a hatchet, a tool like this is great for many jobs, big or small. Try using this wooden axe for chopping large trees, breaking up smaller, fallen trees, or even for clearing brush. The long handle and sharp blade combine to allow you to use a tool like for many types of jobs. Maintaining your tools is important too, so we have tips to help with that. We recommend not storing this axe in too warm conditions because that could cause the handle to shrink. We recommend a dark, cool location like a garage or shed. We also recommend a quick clean after use and before storing it in the sheath. And if you have plans to store it away for a longer period of time, add some grease on the blade to prevent potential rust. Tackle any job on your to-do list with the durability and versatility of the 26-Inch Curved Wooden Handle Multipurpose Axe from Husqvarna.


  • 26-inch multipurpose axe designed for chopping wood, limbing logs, and clearing brush
  • Designed with a durable hickory handle for great grip
  • Swedish steel blade construction makes for exceptional durability
  • Head comes attached to shaft with a wooden and steel wedge
  • Curved handle provides an ergonomic fit during use
  • Comes with leather sheath to protect edge during storage
  • Excellent for chopping fallen trees and many other jobs
  • Item type: Axe
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Brown
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 26 x 7.2 x 1.6 inches
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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