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H81-68 3/8-Inch Pitch 0.058-Gauge 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain

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When you're about to make a cut through a tree, it's important to know that the saw you're working with is in the best condition possible for working quickly and safely. If you notice your chainsaw rattling or if it isn't pulling itself into the tree when making contact, it could be time to replace your chainsaw chain. This Husqvarna H81-68 Chainsaw Chain is made to help chainsaws get back to their peak performance. It has a bar length of 18 inches. If you're not sure if that's the right length for your chainsaw, make a measurement from the chainsaw's tip to where the bar meets the man housing of the chainsaw. That should measure 18 inches in order to use this chainsaw chain. You can make extra-sure that this is the right chain for you by measuring the number of drive links on your old chain, also called drive lugs. The lugs are on the side of your chain opposite from the cutting teeth. They hold onto the rotating cog when the chainsaw is active, making the chain itself spin. Simply count the number of links to see if it matches this chain. If it does, there will be 68 of them. It's also important to check your chain gauge. This is the thickness of the drive links from 1 side to the other. This chain has a gauge of 0.058, meaning that they measure 0.058 inches thick. This is about 1.47 millimeters. There are all kinds of chains that could match these measurements. But what makes this chain stand out are the square-corner "chisel cutters." These cutters are designed to make a cut clean through wood. The result is smooth sawing and professional quality with every cut you make. For that professional, precision-cut every time, get your chainsaw back to running the way it used to with the Husqvarna H81-68 Chainsaw Chain.


  • Cut with excellent precision and performance with this 3/8 pitch and .058 gauge chainsaw chain
  • Lasting sharpness and low kickback will generate high cutting efficiency and improved maneuverability
  • Low vibration for more comfortable use and less injury risk
  • High production cutting of clean wood
  • Fits 18-inch Husqvarna chainsaw bars
  • Recommended for chainsaws 50cc to 100cc
  • Pitch: 3/8 inch
  • Gauge: 0.058 inches
  • Number of drive links: 68
  • Type: Chain
  • Cutter type: Chisel
  • Grind: Round
  • Sequence: Standard
  • Color: Gray
  • Manufacturer warranty: 3-year warranty

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