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7.5-Inch Vented Humidity Dome & Adjustable Top / Side

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When you’re growing your indoor garden, you need every little detail in order. The Hydrofarm 7.5-Inch Vented Humidity Dome adds an important and literal layer to your plants’ growth, protection, and health. Please note, this item includes 1 hood: order more domes separately. This added layer of growth and protection comes in the form of this handy dome. Constructed specially to fit over a 10 x 20-inch seed tray, these trays are sold separately and are available at most local stores. This Hydrofarm dome brings together the most important elements for seed germination and cutting growth - heat and moisture - straight to your indoor garden. This humidity dome stands at 7.5-inches tall to provide your plant 7-inches of grow room: watch that basil sprout up, smell those fragrant leaves perfume the room, then savor those fresh herbs in your favorite meal. Out of all humidity domes on the market, this is the only 1 with moveable tops and sides to optimize humidity and temperature and eliminate destructive fungi, mold, and water buildup. The vents are easy to assemble: just snap them on the dome and get growing. If you want the vent to fit a specific kit, this vented Hydrofarm dome’s full measurements are (W x H x D): 22 x 7.8 11.3 x inches. If you’d like to confirm you’ve got the right kit, you’ll know if this plant dome is the right item with a few kit dimensions: 1000-pellet dimensions (W x H x D): 8.5 x 9.2 x 13.5 inches 20-pellet dimensions (W x H x D): 8.1 x 1.8 x 9.7 inches 50-pellet dimensions (W x H x D): 11.2 x 2.3 x 21.1 inches Once those seedlings germinate, feel joy as your plants grow and relief because this 7.5-inch dome accommodates taller stalks. This vented humidity dome may also be used outdoors to keep birds, rabbits, and insects away from your hard-won garden.


  • This Hydrofarm 7.5-Inch Vented Humidity Dome is ideal for cuttings and seed germination
  • Good for cuttings and seed germination
  • 7.5-inch dome gives extra height for your taller cuttings
  • Adjustable vents allow for perfect humidity and temperature control
  • Fits directly onto the standard 10 x 20-inch cut kit trays
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 22 x 7.8 11.3 x inches
  • Weight: 0.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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