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T5 648W 4-Foot 12-Tube Fluorescent Fixture with Lamps

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On the lighter side, your plants need lots of it. In fact, they can’t live without it. This Agrobrite 648W 4-Foot 12-Tube Fluorescent Fixture is the ideal indoor grow light system. These indoor grow lights are very versatile, as multiple units can be daisy-chained together to run from 1 outlet, so you can create different hanging configurations and provide sufficient light whatever your indoor-gardening designs and layouts. This fixture is adaptable to a greenhouse setting, a makeshift indoor garden in your garage or shed, or a grow area in the corner of a room. They can be hung 2 ways – overhead or vertically. The energy-efficient, high-output T5 bulbs that are included with these indoor grow lights put out double the light energy but much less heat than normal fluorescent systems. That reduces the likelihood of damage to delicate young plants, because this indoor grow light’s T5 bulbs can hang just inches above them since they radiate so little heat. The indoor grow lights feature a high-performance faceted specular aluminum on the inside of the fixtures, providing an ideal reflective surface for light, unlike other surfaces that reflect light back directly and result in inconsistent light distribution among plants. The indoor grow light’s sturdy construction is of powder-coated textured steel housing. T5 fluorescent grow lights – that stands for tubular, 5/8 inches wide -- are especially suitable to growing vegetables, cloning or for seedlings. When you daisy-chain indoor grow lights together, you can take advantage of the multiple on-off switches, which gives you better control over just how much light different plants get. Whether you’re growing vegetables, flowers, herbs or something else, this Agrobrite light fixture puts you in control of one of the most important facets of indoor gardening.


  • T5 4-foot 12-tube fluorescent light fixture with bulbs is a versatile, cost-effective indoor-gardening lighting option
  • The light that comes from these bulbs is close to sunlight in color and will help plants grow faster
  • Light cannot overheat even if it is placed in a very small and hot space with the slot features
  • Fixtures feature specular aluminum, which provides an excellent reflective surface for growing plants
  • May be daisy-chained together to customize to garden’s design
  • T5 bulbs are energy-efficient and emit very little heat
  • The T5 lighting system can effectively help grow plants inside your home
  • Multiple on/off switches on 6, 8, and 12 tube fixtures allow you to control the amount of light output/coverage as needed
  • Powder-coated, textured steel housing
  • Low profile
  • Hangs 3 ways - overhead, vertical, or horizontal
  • 10-foot grounded power cord
  • Includes 12 fluorescent 6400K, T5 tubes
  • Rated Wattage: 648W
  • Bulbs included: Yes
  • Color temp: 6400K

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