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T5 432-Watt 4-Foot 8-Lamp Indoor Grow Light Fixture

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Seasoned indoor gardeners know how difficult it is to find a balanced lighting setup. Either your lamps aren't bright enough or they don't cover a wide enough area. Or maybe they're too hot and the fixture is too bulky with an outdated magnetic ballast. If your current lighting fixture just isn't cutting it, the Quantum Horticulture T5 432-Watt 4-Foot 8-Lamp Grow Light Fixture will give you everything you need to grow a blooming indoor garden. Quantum Horticulture's T5 432-watt light fixture is 4 feet long and can hold 8 lamps, which are not included. We recommend using Quantum T5 54-watt lamps with this fixture, but lamps from any manufacturer will work, so long as they are 4 feet long. The T5 fixture uses digital electronic ballasts that come pre-installed, so you don't need to go out and buy your own. The Quantum T5 fixture has high-quality, German glass-coated aluminum reflectors built into the hood. The reflectors were designed to have broader angles so that more light from behind the bulbs can reach your plants. The shallow build of the hood lets you place the Quantum T5 fixture closer to your plants. This increases the lumen output (or brightness) of the light by 28%. With most other fixtures, closing the distance between the lamps and plants makes the light coverage narrower. But thanks to the wide spacing between the bulbs, the light dispersal stays uniform and still covers a large area. All of your plants will benefit from the intense output of this fluorescent grow light fixture. Quantum Horticulture installed a unique venting system within the hood of this fixture that keeps the air flowing freely around the ballast and reflectors, keeping them very cool. The low heat of the lighting extends the life of the ballast and also prevents your plants from being burnt. Hanging the Quantum T5 fixture is simple. You just clip the 2 included "V" hooks into the pre-drilled holes on the roof of the hood. From there, you attach the hooks to the ceiling with chains or ropes, and then you're done. The T5 fixture can either be hung horizontally or vertically, whichever you prefer. When hung overhead, the lighting can cover anywhere from a 4 x 2-foot area to a 6 x 6-foot area. For storage or transportation, this Quantum fixture has a patented folding design that lets it fold flat. For maximum plant growth, your garden needs a lot of lumens as well as equal light spread. You don't have to choose between them; the Quantum Horticulture T5 432-Watt 4-Foot 8-Lamp Grow Light Fixture will give you super powerful lighting that doesn't sacrifice coverage.


  • Hydrofarm Quantum T5 432W 4 Foot, 8 tube lamp fixture
  • High Output optimized fixture for indoor gardens, plants, and flowers
  • Lamp Bulbs not included
  • 28% more lumens at the plant level
  • 30% more efficient than comparable grow light fixtures
  • Increase the efficiency of any T5/HO 54 lamps
  • High-quality German glass-coated aluminum reflectors to help increase plant growth
  • Unique folding structure for easy transportation
  • Designed for Quantum T5 lamps, but will work with any other manufacturer's lamps
  • 120/240V Smart-volt out of the box (120V cord included, 240V-BACD6 cord is optional)
  • Vented Ballasts and reflectors keep you gardens cool
  • Unique lamp spacing and provides more uniform light
  • Voltage: 120/240V
  • Rated Wattage: 432W
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 46.5 x 23.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 14.5 pounds

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