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Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit with Vacuum, Brush, and Net

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Sometimes the essential cleaning tools don't cut it. When you need a little extra cleaning power for your pool, look to this Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit from Intex to keep deep cleaning simple. Not only does it come with the essentials, a pool vacuum and a leaf net, but it also comes with a curved wall brush and 3 vacuum heads (for walls, floors, and corners). All these great pool cleaning tools attach to the telescoping pole for an all-in-1 pool cleaner. Just attach the desired tool to the telescoping pole and make quick work of your pool maintenance. The pool cleaner pole extends to 110 inches so you can reach every corner of your pool. This super long telescoping pole makes it easy to clean pools 18-feet in diameter and larger. You'll appreciate the lightweight aluminum construction of the telescoping pole as well, making sweeping the pool skimmer across the surface or vacuuming the bottom of your pool an easy task for anyone. You have a large pool to be used, but after every pool party you notice a fine layer of dirt over the bottom of your pool with little bits of gravel hiding in the corners. Even solo swimmers will notice that fine debris will gather a few weeks into the summer. Don't fret. This pool maintenance kit gives you 3 vacuum heads perfect for cleaning every surface of your pool. You'll get a crevice head for sucking silt out of corners and edges, a circular suction head for sweeping over your sidewalls, and a heavy-duty scrubber vacuum head with brush bristles made to free up piled on collections of dirt. The included curved scrub brush removes dirt and grim from your pool walls to suck up with the vacuum. Hook up any vacuum head to the pool vacuum body, then attach the 24-foot hose to the vacuum and your filter pump. This hose allows you to ditch cumbersome debris bags and let your filter pump do the work of collecting dirt and sand. You'll need an Intex filter pump with a minimum flow rate of 800 gallons per hour for the best performance. To snag leaves, grass, twigs, bugs, or even the stray bit of firecracker debris after July 4th, just attach the pool skimmer attachment to the telescoping pole. This netting catches debris floating on the surface of your pool. No summer storm blowing leaves into your pool will stop you from going for a swim ever again. You'll catch even more than standard pool skimmers thanks to this skimmer's deep mesh netting. Also great for rescuing children's toys or baseballs without having to dive in. This all-in-1 pool cleaner takes up less space than all these separate tools, freeing up space wherever you store your pool cleaners. Keep your pool and storage space clean with this Intex Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit with Vacuum, Brush, and Net.


  • Keep your pool clean and safe with these helpful tools (color may vary between dark blue and light blue)
  • Included in the kit: Leaf rake with debris net, curved wall brush, deluxe vacuum head with 2 nozzles, scrubber vacuum, telescoping aluminum pole, and 24-foot hose with connectors
  • Vacuum works in conjunction with your filter pump to pick up debris from the pool floor
  • Requires Intex filter pump with a minimum flow rate of 800 gallons per hour (not included)
  • 110-inch telescoping aluminum pole attaches to leaf rake, brush and vacuums
  • Scrubber vacuum is great for cleaning pool walls
  • Clean remaining floating debris from the surface with the leaf rake
  • Deep mesh net attached
  • Remove algae and grim from pool walls with the curved wall brush
  • Great for 18-foot diameter pools and above
  • 24-foot hose is enough to comfortably control vacuum
  • 2 vacuum heads for flat areas and cracks
  • Specifications:
  • Type: Suction side
  • Pool type: Above ground
  • Weight: 8.15 pounds

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