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10-Foot Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool Cover, Blue

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Your pool is meant to be used not just cleaned over and over again. Save time and money on pool maintenance and spend more time enjoying it with the 10-Foot Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool Cover. When you run out to your backyard pool on a hot day, you want to get in immediately. But the outdoors can get in the way and fill your pool with annoying leaves and bugs. Instead of wasting time cleaning out your pool every time, just cover it with this pool cover so next time you can hop right in. This outdoor pool tarp prevents leaves, twigs, small insects, and other debris from contaminating your pool water, reducing the time you have to spend fishing things out of the water. Cover any 10-foot diameter round metal or hard plastic frame pool with this pool cover (model number 28030E). If you have a hard-sided pool from Intex's Metal Frame pool line, this pool cover will fit perfectly. Thanks to the 10-inch overhang, it's easy to get a snug fit over your pool with the rope tie. Once tightened, your pool cover will stay on even in strong gusts of wind, so you and your neighbor won't have to trade pool covers in the morning. Made of durable 7-gauge vinyl, this sturdy pool tarp stands up to summer rainstorms, falling twigs, flying grass kicked up by your lawn mower, and the stray soccer ball from your kids' neighborhood scrimmages. With such tough materials, this pool debris cover will keep your pool protected for years to come. The included reusable carry bag makes packing up your pool cover at the end of the summer or transporting this tarp is a breeze. Designed with functionality in mind, this pool tarp features drain holes to prevent water from accumulating on the top of its surface. Not only does it look nicer, but no water puddles means nowhere for mosquitoes to nest. You'll help keep your backyard mosquito-free with this handy pool cover. An easy and economical choice, this pool tarp will keep your pool clean even during the off season. Just throw on your swimsuit and head out your back door. With the help of the Intex 10-Foot Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool Cover, your pool is ready to go before your toes even hit the grass.


  • Keeps your above ground pool cleaner for a longer period of time
  • Prevents debris from falling into your pool
  • Ideal for 10-foot dimeter pools with metal or hard plastic frames
  • Covers the top of the pool and has a 10-inch overhang
  • Constructed of durable 7-gauge PVC vinyl
  • Nylon rope ties holds the cover securely in place
  • Fits most 10-foot diameter above ground pools
  • Drain holes prevent water accumulation
  • Specifications:
  • Cover Material: Vinyl
  • Cover Size: 10 feet
  • Pool Size Compatibility: 10-foot round
  • Cover Type: Winter, debris
  • Depth: 10 inches
  • Color: Blue
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 10 x 10 x 0.83 feet

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