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12-Foot Easy Set Swimming Pool Solar Cover Tarp

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Spend less time maintaining your pool and spend more time enjoying the sapphire waters with the 12-Foot Easy Set Round Pool Solar Cover. This tarp responds to solar power which achieves the perfect temperature in your pool through 1 of the world’s most powerful entities: the sun. Dip yourself into soothing balmy waters, thanks to this protective solar tarp and you’ll swim into your own little slice of sunshine. If you’ve got a heated pool, then consider this pool tarp its new buddy. At night or off-season, drape this tarp over the pool to trap heat so it stays where you want it: in your pool and on your person. For heated pools, this cover provides excellent heat retention to keep water at a perfect dipping temperature. Although made specifically for the 12-foot Intex Easy Set Pool, this tarp works great with similarly-sized, round 12-foot diameter pools as well. Thanks to the included carry bag, packing up your pool cover after the season is over is a breeze. Speaking of breezes, if there’s 1 thing worse than a cold pool, it’s is a dirty pool. Picture it: a blue surface littered with bugs, twigs, debris, and pebbles. Just because you work hard doesn’t mean you should work hard to protect your pool. This cover’s tough tarp material keeps out unwanted visitors, so your pool sits there and looks pretty…and clean. This pool cover floats right on the surface of the water, reducing evaporation up to 95%. Made of durable vinyl construction, this tarp helps you save up to 50% on pool chemical usage by keeping contaminants out. Easy and economical to use, this 12-Foot Easy Set Round Pool Solar Cover will save you money and time on your pool maintenance.


  • Extend your swimming season by warming water earlier, and keeping it warm longer
  • Retain heat to keep water at a consistent temperature
  • Use the natural power of the sun to warm your water
  • Fitted for a 12-foot Intex Easy Set or Metal Frame swimming pool
  • Drain holes prevent water accumulation
  • Floats on the surface of the water
  • Reduce water evaporation by 95%
  • Helps to save money by reducing pool chemical evaporation when covered
  • Keeps leaves and debris from entering pool which reduces maintenance time
  • Also ideal as a thermal blanket for heated pools
  • Easy and economical to use
  • Reusable carry bag for easy storage
  • Cover material: Vinyl
  • Cover Size: 12 feet
  • Pool size Compatibility: 12 feet
  • Cover type: Solar

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