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80-Grit Model 10-20 Bench Top Sander Sandpaper, 1 Roll

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Benchtop sanders are great for giving you more control over your pieces of material as you sand. From smaller pieces of wood you can hold in your hand, to larger boards that need surface sanding, these sanders do wonders. Sadly, sandpaper eventually wears out, but with this replacement 60-1080 benchtop sander sandpaper, you'll always have a tool that's ready to go. This particular 80-grit sandpaper is 10 inches wide and designed to fit Jet model 10-20 bench sanders, so be sure to check your stationary belt sander to ensure this paper is compatible. 80-grit is a coarse sandpaper, so this table sander paper is ideal for removing material or taking off rough edges before you switch to a finer sandpaper for a smooth finish. This sandpaper is made with resin-bonded aluminum oxide strips so it can handle wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass, paint, drywall, and more. It's extra tough, so you can take a bite out of materials without wearing out the paper or losing grain. Use this paper's open coat and non-loading properties for excellent performance on all-purpose sanding jobs. This coarse sandpaper comes in a single roll, so you'll need to cut it to size, but there's enough in there for about 6 wraps worth on your Jet table sander. We also think you're going to like just how hassle-free installing and removing this 80-grit sandpaper is. With Jet's Ready-to-Wrap design, you'll be able to remove old, worn-out paper in a snap and put a new roll on so you can get back to the job at hand. Note: The sandpaper pictured may not show exactly what this product looks like. It's a single roll of paper, measuring 10 inches in width, and long enough for 6 wraps on your sander.


  • 80-grit sandpaper fits your JET 10-20 benchtop sanders
  • Comes with 6 wraps worth of sandpaper in a single roll
  • These 80-grit aluminum oxide strips are perfect for heavy-duty, all-purpose sanding, and have an open coat for non-loading properties
  • Use on paint, wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass, drywall or more
  • Ready-to-Wrap is easy to install and remove
  • Resin bonded for maximum grain retention
  • Product/item type: Sand paper
  • Grit: 80-grit
  • Material: Aluminum oxide
  • Color: Brown
  • Width: 10 inches

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