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12 x 21-Inch Variable Speed Bench-Top Woodworking Lathe

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When you're working with a laith, precision become paramount. A project could be spinning several thousand times every second, making even the smallest motion count. That's why the Jet Variable Speed Bench-Top Woodworking Lathe gives you the precision and control necessary for the highest quality finish in your woodworking projects. This laith is able to rotate as fast as 3,600 times per second. At that speed, the lightest brush of a cutting tool will instantly leave a symmetrical pattern along the whole object. But not every project is going to need you to run at max speed. With this laith, you can actually turn the speed down to as slow as 60 RPM. But what really sets the Jet Variable Speed Laith into its own league is that you can set the speed to the exact level you want. Whether you need it to go at 61 RPM or 1,243 RPM, that's totally fine. That level of fine tuning makes it possible to work with all kinds of different projects. The secret to this adaptability is in the belt tensioning system. This system is unique to the Jet laith. It's comprised of a single rubber belt and several lanes that the belt can run on. By switching the belt from one lane to another, you can make large changes in RPM. That's how this laith is able to give you such a wide range or RPM options. To help you manage that speed while you work, this bench-top laith has a digital display that shows you the current speed its spinning at. A small knob to the side of the display allows you to make light changes to the speed as needed, and a switch lets you reverse the way that the laith is spinning. Working with precision and control doesn't have to be complicated. Get the power you need and the convenience to make the most of it with the Jet Variable Speed Bench-Top Woodworking Lathe.


  • Note: Does NOT include pictured base stand.
  • Unparalleled speed control as you craft and shape wood projects
  • Features 60 to 3600 RPM variable speed for the best performance during every application
  • Designed for optimal speed ranges and smooth forward and reverse transitions
  • Uses an innovative, patent pending ratchet style belt tension system
  • Screw into a table or a dedicated stand for stability (stand sold separately)
  • Integrated, spring loaded spindle lock and 24 indexing positions
  • Conveniently located controls and DRO
  • ACME thread in tailstock for better performance
  • Specifications:
  • Swing over bed: 12.5 inches
  • Swing over tool rest base: 9.45 inches
  • Distance between centers: 20.5 inches
  • Spindle core: 0.375 inches
  • Spindle taper: MT2
  • Spindle thread: 1 inch /8 TPI

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