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50-Foot Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Vacuum Water Hose

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Pool vacuums are great for getting hard to reach debris out of a pool. Give your pool cleaner the ability to reach any part of the pool with the Kokido 50-Foot Heavy Duty Pool Vacuum Hose. This water hose can serve as an extension hose for your pool vacuum. That would give your cleaner the ability to travel 50 feet farther than it normally would be able to. But this is more than just an extra-long hose. For one thing, it's built so that it would work just fine when it's fully coiled. That way you don't have to uncoil the full length of the hose each time you want to use it. If all you need is 30 feet, you can uncoil that much and leave the rest where it its. This pool vacuum hose is also built for extra durability. To that end, the main tube has a hard plastic spiral surrounding it. This spiral gives the tube a kind of protective outer shell. Because of that, the tube manages to be crush proof. So if someone steps on the hose by accident, the spiral will hold fast and keep the tube from getting squished. The hard outer spiral also keeps the hose resistant to abrasion. That way you don't have to worry about a hole forming when dragging the pool hose along concrete or other rough surfaces. Because the outer shell is a spiral and not a solid material, the hose is able to stay flexible despite its heavy-duty nature. That allows it to bend around corners and coil into a tight roll. In addition to use as a vacuum hose extensions, this pool hose can be used with a variety of other water-based needs. That includes things like mobile homes and sump pumps. So whether you need more length for your pool vacuum or a way to move water for a different project, the Kokido 50-Foot Heavy Duty Pool Vacuum Hose can make it happen.


  • Kokido 50-foot Spiral Wound Pool Vacuum Hose
  • Make pool maintenance less frustrating by providing yourself with enough hose to reach all corners easily
  • Spiral wound design provides excellent durability and flexibility
  • Great for use around mobile homes, spas, sump pumps, and more
  • Points of flex, which are normally vulnerable, are protected by solid spirals
  • Abrasion resistant, so you can drag it across rough surfaces like concrete.
  • Crush-proof, leak-proof and resistant to UV radiation
  • Spiral wound design allows for excellent water flow
  • Water still flows easily even when hose is coiled
  • Includes glued cuffs at each end of hose
  • Constructed of heavy duty plastic
  • Hose Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Color: Blue
  • Dimensions (L): 50 feet
  • Manufacturer warranty: 30-day warranty
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