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16-Inch Manual-Powered 5 Blade Reel Push Mower

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Few things are more enjoyable than appreciating the earthy aroma of your freshly cut lawn. Even better? Cutting your lawn with your own 2 hands and enjoying it without nauseating gas fumes or troublesome motorized startups. Take charge of your yard and reconnect with the grass roots method of mowing with the Lawnmaster 16-Inch Manual-Powered 5 Blade Reel Push Mower. Harkening back to a simpler time, this push reel lawn mower is the ultimate lawn mowing solution for the environmentally conscious or off-the-grid enthusiasts. No gas, no oil, no battery charging—just good old-fashioned arm power. This manual grass mower features a 16-inch cutting reel designed for optimal cutting capacity, meaning you can make quick work of mowing your yard without the mower becoming clogged with grass. The 5 hardened steel helical blades cut clean and even, leaving a healthy and beautiful yard you and your neighbors can admire every time. We’ve all left our yard grow a little too long before cutting it, either due to busy schedules or unexpected weather. No worries. The large wheels of this manual rotary lawn mower mean you can push through taller grass without difficulty. Not to mention, you can adjust this walk-behind mower to 9 different cutting heights, allowing you to find your ideal cut and not leave uncut patches behind. What you’ll love about this reel lawn mower beyond its eco-friendly focus is how it’ll also keep you in shape. Don’t be scared off by the thought of an intense workout, though. This walk-behind reel lawn mower’s lightweight and ergonomic design is easy for anyone to push and reduces strain on your entire body. That way you can keep mowing until finished and be less tired afterwards. Plus, with its padded foam loop handle, this push mower provides you a comfortable grip that won’t cause you painful blisters. Some tasks in life are just more satisfying when done with your own 2 hands, and a freshly cut lawn is one of them. When your gas-powered or electric lawn mower won’t cut it, you can be sure this 5 Blade Manual Reel Push Mower will.


  • Experience hassle-free mowing with no gas, oil, fumes, or pulling starter cords
  • 16-inch cutting width and 5 hardened helical steel blades will provide a clean and even cut to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful
  • Features a lightweight and ergonomic design that is easy to push
  • Large 10-inch front wheels and 7-inch back wheels allow for added maneuverability
  • Features 9 adjustable cutting heights
  • Padded foam loop handles provide a comfortable grip
  • Power type: Manual
  • Color: Black and green
  • Dimensions (L x W X H): 23.2 x 18.5 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2-year warranty

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