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Mega Tornado Twist Inflatable Water Park with Slide

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On a hot day, going to a water park can be a blast. With the Mega Tornado Twist Inflatable Water Park, you can go have that blast right in your backyard. This water park can be set up on any soft flat ground. To help you out, a high-speed blower is included. Using this blower, you can inflate the whole park in just two minutes. That's less time than it'd take just to get a kid ready to swim. Once it's ready, kids will be able to enjoy all of the features this park has for themselves. For those who want a slide, they can use the built-in water slide. The top of the slide can be reached using the climbing wall, so even getting ready to slide can be fun. A sprayer at the top keeps the slide wet, so kids will be able to easily slip and slide down to the bottom. Right before the big splash, a second sprayer catches them from above. Then, of course, comes the wave-making landing. After that, kids will race to the climbing wall to start it all over again. On the other side of the water park is another fun toy for kids to try out. That toy is the water cannon. With this cannon, kids can enjoy spraying each other. It can even turn into a game of water tag, where one kid aims while the others run and try to dodge. When they're not using the slide or the water cannon, children can enjoy the wide space of open water the pool provides. This space can provide a nice break from sliding and spraying, or can be its own splash zone if kids want to use it like that. To make sure that it can last for many afternoons of fun, the whole water park is made with high-quality machine-woven PVC. The slide is also made with double tube wall thickness. That way, kids can use the slide again and again without a care in the world. Turn your lawn into a summer getaway with the Mega Tornado Twist Inflatable Water Park.


  • CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP the water filled fun this summer thanks to this huge curved slide that includes every necessity to keep your holidays and parties extra cool.
  • 2 MINUTE inflate time means you'll be splashing and sliding in no time flat. The included continuous air blower not only ensures a speedy setup time but also a structure that stays inflated during all of playtime.
  • CALL YOUR CREW ASAP because no one is going to want to miss out on the fun. Slipping, sliding, and splashing with this water park is sure to be a hit for anyone 5 years and older, up to 240 pounds.
  • HIGH QUALITY machine woven PVC fabric with double-stitched seams for added durability. Playtime won't fall flat thanks to the continuous air blower and sturdy construction.

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