Portable Electric Induction Single Burner Stove, Black

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Bring some sleek space-saving into your life with the Midea Induction Portable Electric Single Burner Stove. Whether you’ve got limited space, an RV, or want an extra burner, this small induction stove is an energy-saving, fast, and space-saving way to prepare meals. Maybe the biggest perk of the Midea Portable Stove is its ability to heat up food fast. This induction cooker’s will produce and confine heat to the pot, not the stovetop. That means your food heats up faster and hotter than a traditional gas or electric stove top. That said, although this burner’s surface may not directly heat up like a regular full-size stove, try not to touch this portable top, as it may overheat from the pan. Efficiency is another neat features. Second only to speed, this little hot plate will save on energy costs. Basically, when you cook with this burner, that heat goes straight to the pan, not the cooktop. That means this burner saves you not just time, but also energy. With less heat escaping into the air and more going into your pan, you’ve got less wasted energy. That means you’re lowering energy bills and doing the environment a favor, too. After speed comes safety. With no open flames and all that energy working to solely heat up your pan, you’ve got one safe hot plate. Aside from the absence of flames, there’s another great safety feature. This portable stove top only heats up when cookware is present. That way, you won’t worry as much about curious kids with roving hands. Finally, this induction countertop stove is more than an efficient and fast range. This little single-burner also has range in its cooking options. Equipped with 5 cooking settings, pick from warm mode, simmer, fry, boil, and boost. The boost function will automatically set this induction stovetop to the highest heating level for 5 minutes before shutting off. Whether you’re hitting the road in your RV or want to save space and energy costs, the Midea Induction Portable Single Burner is here to take up less space and energy while providing you full-stove cooking options.


  • Portable induction stove top allows you to cook with pots and pans any where you can imagine
  • Large cooking surface heats pots and pans uniformly and directly with induction heat transfer
  • Features 5 present cooking programs: keep warm mode, simmer mode, fry mode, boil mode, and boost mode that lets you set it at the highest power setting for 5 minutes
  • Stay safe as you cook with the unit's overheating protection, auto shut-off, and child lock
  • Cooks at 10 different power levels and gives you instant control over the cooking temperature
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty
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