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Extra-Wide Windsor Arch 38 to 72-Inch Baby & Pet Gate

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When you've got a busy, quick-moving home, it's okay to ask for a little help. North States Pet has you covered. Put some order back in your home with the Extra-Wide Windsor Arch 38 to 72-Inch Baby and Pet Gate. This indoor pet gate sections off areas of your home from your furry friends. It also doubles as a baby gate for children ages 6 to 24 months. Place this pet gate in wide openings to keep your dog out of high traffic areas or out of the kitchen while you're cooking. This pet gate fits openings 38 to 72 inches wide. Position the pet barrier easily, thanks to its pivot points. These pivots let you change the angle of the gate sections so you can fit straight walls, angled walls, and irregular-shaped openings. We love these pivot points, too, because they make it easy to use this pet gate as a fireplace barrier for smaller home fireplaces. If you need to fit larger openings, this pet gate works with a single 15-inch extension from North States Pet. This extension is part number 4938 and is sold separately. With the extension added, this extra wide pet gate fits openings up to 162 inches. You'll love this pet gate if you need a safety barrier to keep pets out of certain areas of your home. You'll especially love this pet barrier if you have puppies, pet-allergic guests, or foster dogs. This baby and pet gate mounts to your walls for a semi-permanent safety feature. The hardware-mounted pet gate stands strong when bumped or jumped on. You'll appreciate this if you have large dogs. The heavy-duty metal stays in place, even with the most eager of dogs. While this pet gate blocks your pet's way, this safety gate allows you to stay moving. This dog gate's also a walk-through gate, so you stay mobile. To open, just press down on the lock, lift the handle, and push or pull open. After you open the gate, it will swing shut automatically. The 25.5-inch-wide door swings open in both directions, making it easy for you to slip through or hold the gate open for others. If you need the gate to stay open for pets and guests to pass through, just open the gate fully. This will disable the auto-close feature. To close it again, press gently on the door. When guests arrive, you don't have to put your dogs outside or in their kennels. Let them stay out in their own space. Keep your pets out of trouble with this North States Pet Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Gate.


  • Stylish extra-wide pet gate helps you to block off rooms, hallways, staircases, fireplaces, and other large openings 38.3 to 72-inches wide
  • Heavy-duty metal construction is hardware mounted to straight or angled walls for superior stability
  • Walk-through 25.5-inch wide gate swings both ways with a convenient stay-open feature
  • Ergonomic handle designed for 1 handed operation
  • Childproof double-locking system
  • Compatible with 1 additional extension (sold separately)
  • Material: Metal
  • Height: 30 inches
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 38.3 x 72 x 30 inches
  • Color: Matte bronze
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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