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Nautilus Pool & Spa DE Filter Manifold Grid Replacement

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Your pool filter is the most important part of your water system. After all, it's what makes the pool water clean enough to swim in. But a pool filter is only able to work as well as it's parts. If 1 part's broken, then the others won't be able to function as well. For a DE filter, the manifold is no exception. So if you notice that your manifold has seen better days, replace it with the Pentair Nautilus DE Filter Manifold Grid Replacement. The manifold has an important role in your DE filter. It's what holds all of the individual grids in place. Without it, the grids would have no structure and they wouldn't be able to filter properly. Like any pool part though, a manifold can wear down over time. The high pressures in the filter and the constant stream of water can cause the manifold to warp and eventually crack. When it does, it'll start to leak DE powder into your pool. The powder won't be harmful, but it might not be pleasant to have around either. If you're noticing that DE powder has leaked into you pool, it could be a couple of different things inside the filter. The easiest way to find out is to open the filter and to inspect the different parts for damage. If you see a crack in the manifold, that'll be a clear sign that you're going to have to replace it. This manifold replacement is able to work with several different models in the Nautilus series. That includes models NSP36, NSP48, NSP60, and NSP72. Double check in your filter's manual to see its model number. This filter manifold replacement is a genuine Pentair replacement part. Because of that, you can count on it to fit as long as your filter is one of these 4 models. Additionally, being a genuine Pentair replacement part means that your filter will be getting a part built with the same level of quality as the original. So if you want your pool filter to run like new, the Pentair Nautilus DE Filter Manifold Grid Replacement is your ticket to accomplishing that.


  • Pentair Complete Manifold Grid Replacement
  • For Nautilus Pool and Spa D.E. Filters
  • Fits models NSP36, NSP48, NSP60, NSP72
  • Keeps grids in place during filtering
  • Genuine Pentair replacement part
  • Broken manifold will result in DE material leaking into pool
  • Product/Item Type: Replacement part
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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