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2-Inch Multiport DE and Sand Pool Filter Backwash Valve

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Let's keep this simple. Pool filter parts can be confusing, but this 2-Inch Multiport DE and Sand Pool Filter Backwash Valve from Pentair is easy to install and use. If you have a DE or sand pool filter, you need to periodically flush out the dirt and debris captured by your filter's sand or DE powder. You'll usually attach a drainage hose to your filter and then run water back through the pool filter to clean out the dirt. Backwash valves attach to your pool filter and allow you to quickly and easily change the water direction. Modern backwash valves, like this one, let you reverse the flow of your pool water in a single motion. This saves you time and the hassle of the "old way" of turning multiple gates. This backwash valve fits 2-inch piping and has a 7.5-inch center. For compatible pool and spa filters, you don't have to worry about converting the backwash valve or extra plumbing. Just line up the backwash valve and tighten it into place. This backwash filter is Pentair model number 261055. You can use this backwash filter if you have a Pentair Quad pool or spa DE filter with the model number QUAD60, QUAD80, or QUAD100. For sand filters, this backwash valve fits Pentair Triton C, Triton II, and Triton HD pool and spa sand filters with side mount valve ports. This backwash valve mounts on the side of compatible DE and sand filters and has 6 positions so you can switch your filter into filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, closed, and drain modes. This makes it easy for you to not just use normal backwash and filtering functions on the backwash filter, but provides easier ways for you to clean your filter, have failsafes if your filter fails, and even attach pool vacuums with ease. You can use the rinse position to rinse water through the pool filter after backwashing. The backwash valve's drain position lets you easily drain or lower pool water levels and is also a simple way to attach your pool vacuum to the filter so you can clean out fine debris. The recirculate position provides a failsafe for a broken filter as the backwash valve sets the water to simply circulate. This setting keeps the water moving until you can replace your filter. The closed function uses the backwash valve to cut off water flow from the pool (don't run your pump while in this position, as it can hurt your equipment). Just because pool and spa filter parts aren't the "fun" part of summer, doesn't mean they have to be difficult to use. Keep it simple with this Pentair 2-Inch Multiport DE and Sand Pool Filter Backwash Valve.


  • Pentair 261055 Multiport Replacement Backwash Valve
  • Fits Pentair Quad pool and spa D.E. filter models QUAD60, QUAD80, QUAD100
  • Also fits Pentair Triton C, II and HD side mount pool/spa sand filters
  • 2-inch valve with 7.5-inch center
  • Designed to work with sand filters
  • Side-mounted multi-port valve
  • Pre-plumbed
  • PVC body
  • Easy to use
  • Specifications:
  • Filter Type: Sand Filters/DE Filters
  • Model number: 261055
  • Color: White
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