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263028 2 x 2.5-Inch Pool 3-Way PVC Diverter Valve

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Getting water to and from your pool pump often requires a diverter valve or 2. If it's broken, they can sometimes be fixed by switching out the internal valve assembly for a new one. But if you find that the main body of the valve is cracked or leaking water, then it's time to replace the whole valve. With the Pentair PVC Pool Diverter Valve, you can get water flowing back to your pool just the way it used to. This diverter valve is a 3-way valve. On the inside it has a diameter of 2 inches, while on the outside it has a diameter of 2.5 inches. Because of that, it can work with 1.5-inch, 2-inch, and 2.5-inch PVC plumbing. It can also work with most industry standard actuators. The valve itself is made with chemical-resistant PVC that can withstand pressures of up to 150 PSI. That way you have a diverter valve to last through tons of regular use. When replacing your old valve, you'll first have to turn off your pool pump. After that you should lower the pressure in the water lines. This can be done by turning the relief valve at the top of your pump. the water pressure should be at 0. Once that's done, you'll have to remove your old valve. That means cutting out the pipes that hold it in there. Make sure you file the edges of the pipes once they're cut, since they'll probably be rough and sharp. When you take out the old valve, you should mark down the direction the "off" label is facing. You're going to want to install the new valve in the same direction. You should also take the assembly off of the main valve to protect the internal components. After the old valve is removed, you'll want 3 short pipes. These will be the connection between the pipes and your valve. Put glue on the short pipes, and then push them into the old pipes. When those are set, you can insert your new valve in between them. Make sure the "off" label is facing the same way as it did with the old valve. The short pipes should go 0.75 inches into both the pipes and the valve to make for a solid connection. When that's done, you'll wait for the glue to dry. Different types of glue will vary, but it will probably be several hours. A good way to pass the time is to set the assembly back into the valve. When the glue's dried, you're good to go. For those fixing a current leak or preparing for the next one, the Pentair PVC Pool Diverter Valve can help save the day.


  • Pentair 263028 3-Way Diverter Valve
  • Accepts 1.5-inch, 2-inch, and 2.5-inch PVC plumbing
  • Maintenance-free Teflon coated diverter seal
  • Designed to work with most industry standard actuators
  • Note that PVC Valves are not recommended for climates that can reach air temperatures of over 104 degrees F
  • Used for diverting, shut-off or mixing applications
  • Built to handle high flow rates
  • Fiberglass reinforced handle prevents snapping during use
  • Withstands pressure up to 150 PSI
  • Chemical-resistant for long-lasting durability
  • Field-adjustable stop positions
  • Part Number: 263028
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty
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