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Algee-Gon Swimming Pool 3-Inch Chlorine Tablet Holder

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Swimming pools look great, feel great, and are great until they’re not. Nothing takes the fun out of a pool quicker than black algae. The Pentair Algee-Gon Pool 3-Inch Chlorine Tablet Holder is an essential part of your pool’s algae-fighting arsenal. This chlorine tablet dispenser works with any basic swimming pool pole. This dispenser is for use with 3-inch chlorine tablets, which you may purchase separately. The color black may be perfect for a cocktail party, but not for your inground pool. When you have an inground swimming pool, blue is best. When black algae shows up, it’s an uninvited guest which refuses to leave your pool walls, unless you do some serious scrubbing. Put this dispenser on your pool pole, then put beat the black algae by spot-treating it. When you’re fighting off algae, aside from chlorine, you need a good holder. This dispenser’s handle snaps easily to your pole, so you can reach those shaded, tough-to-reach places where algae lurks, then give it the scrubbing it deserves. This perpetrator’s roots run deep. Once that stuff clings, although it may seem like it’s there to stay on your pool walls, this time you’re armed with this chlorine tablet holder, which helps you to spot-clean those pesky places and ensure that algae is stopped in its tracks. This dispenser presents 1 of the key ways to defeat swimming pool algae: to scrub, scrub, and scrub. Algae clings like fungus, hanging around sometimes even when it appears to be gone. The good news is this chlorine tablet holder helps you bid farewell to this intruder by snapping on to your pool pole, so you can get to the problem easier and faster. When it comes to black algae, aside from being tough to reach, it’s harder to remove. Once you’re armed with your pole and this chemical dispenser, you’ll apply powerful chlorine directly to those problem spots, then scrub and repeat, so that stubborn black stuff never returns.


  • Holds 3-inch chlorine tablet to allow scrubbing of the tablet direct to stains
  • Attaches to any standard swimming pool pole
  • Snap handle attaches easily to pole
  • Reach those shaded, tough-to-reach places where algae lurks with pole and dispenser
  • Beat black algae by spot-treating it with dispenser attached to pool
  • Part Number: 542068
  • Type: Chlorine tablet holder
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer warranty: 120 days
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