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Complete Element 48-Square Foot DE Pool Filter Grid Assembly

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When it comes to the maintenance and long life of your pool, why leave things to chance with shoddy components? Do your research and then pick up the right grid model for your DE pool filter. We think the Pentair Complete Element 48-Square Foot DE Pool Filter Grid Assembly might just hit the nail on the head. First off, if you're on the fence about getting the "complete" vs. the grid, do yourself a favor and get this item. Also, if you're concerned about the difficulty on installation, don't be. Essentially, if you can remove a couple of screws, you can perform this replacement. You're going to be so thrilled after making this purchase for your backyard scene. If you're noticing diatomaceous earth being leaked back into your pool and settling at the bottom, you're going to need it. All you have to do is remove the old element, insert the new one, add new DE and notice the results after just a few hours. This is hands-down the best way to fix a Pentair grid that isn't filtering correctly. This pool filter grid assembly is designed to work with the FNS Plus 48-square foot DE pool model. It’s a complete assembly with everything you need, including hardware and manifold. Simply hook it into place and relax knowing your pool and spa water will be cleaner and clearer. Once you try this one out and notice the difference it makes in your water clarity, you're going to hop on the horn with all of your friends to recommend it to them (at least, we hope so). Don't let your backyard paradise fall victim to debris buildup with that sorry old filter element. Opt for a Complete Element 48-Square Foot DE Pool Filter Grid Assembly from Pentair and thank yourself later.


  • Grid filter for FNS Plus DE filter
  • Helps keep your pool or spa water clean and clear
  • Complete element grid assembly replacement
  • Fits Pentair 48-square feet FNS Plus pool and spa DE filters
  • Complete assembly
  • Assembly includes:
  • Full set of 48-square foot DE grids (7 Full and 1 Partial)
  • Wing nut (071404Z)
  • Tie Rod for 60 square feet (59001500)
  • Manifold (59023700)
  • Internal air bleed (190092)
  • Template (98725800)
  • Brass nut (98211400)
  • Spider grid locator (59000500)
  • Nylon locking hex nut (58001000)
  • Filter type: Grid

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