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Swimming Pool Pressure Cleaner Sweep Hose Assembly

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Your pool pressure cleaner does a lot of work to keep your water free from leaves, sticks, and all the other things that find their way to the bottom of your pool. But if your cleaner's working with a broken tail sweep, then it's not going to be able to pick up any of that stuff nearly as well as it should. Keep your pool cleaner in top condition with the Pentair Pressure Cleaner Sweep Hose Assembly. This sweep hose is compatible with many different kinds of Pool cleaners. That includes cleaners from the Pentair Kreepy Krauly, Legend II, Legend 4-Wheel, series Legend 3-Wheel series. That includes models LL105, LL105, LX 2000, LL505G, LL505GG, LX5000G, LX5000GG. This sweep replacement part also works with cleaners in the Polaris, Legend Platinum, and Legend Platinum Truck Series with the model numbers LL105PM and LL105PMT. When your cleaner is rolling around the bottom of your pool, its doing a couple of things. The main thing it's doing is sucking up debris into its bag. But the sweep hose is also doing its own job. As it moves back and forth across the bottom of your pool, it loosens up dirt and grime for the cleaner to vacuum up later. Additionally, the sweep will reach into tight corners and difficult-to-reach areas like those around your pool's ladders. When it does so, it'll knock out debris and leaves that might have been stuck in there, making it easier for the pool cleaner to grab them later. If your automatic pool cleaner's tail isn't working right, then it won't be able to clean up all of the things it should be able to. Getting it fixed with this sweeper hose assembly will get it back to its original effectiveness. This assembly includes the entire cleaner sweeper, so it comes with the tail scrubber that sits on the end of the sweeper hose. Don't let your pool cleaner struggle to get its job done. Bring it back to it's full ability with the Pentair Pressure Cleaner Sweep Hose Assembly.


  • New Pentair EB5L Pool Cleaner Sweep Hose Assembly
  • Fits Pentair Kreepy Krauly, Legend II, Legend 4-Wheel, Legend 3-Wheel pool and spa cleaner models LL105, LL105, LX 2000, LL505G, LL505GG, LX5000G, LX5000GG
  • Also fits Polaris, Legend Platinum, Legend Platinum Truck Series pool and spa cleaner models LL105PM, LL105PMT
  • Complete sweep hose replacement
  • Sweeping tail knocks up debrees for easier vacuuming and knocks loose leaves and dirt in hard to reach areas
  • Includes Tail Scrubber
  • Genuine original Pentair factory part
  • Product/Item Type: Replacement part
  • Color: Clear
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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