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193 Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Manual Vacuum Head

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When your pool gets messy, this vacuum head gets busy. The Pentair 193 Vinyl Pool Liner Vacuum Head works with your pool cleaner to suck sand and small debris out from under your feet and off your pool walls. No cords or batteries required. This suction pool vacuum head is designed to work straight off the power your pool’s skimmer system. The Pentair 193 Vacuum Head picks up pebbles, twigs, and other junk that can get in your pool or spa without stopping. It’s designed to be as easy to use as possible. Just hook it up to the vacuum, attach the system to your skimmer, and the 193 Vac Head starts running automatically. Cleaning your pool with a manual vacuum puts more control in your hands. Run this vacuum head along the floor of your pool and watch the particles get picked up. Unlike automatic cleaners, it’s easier to maneuver the Pentair 193 Vacuum system around obstacles or awkward angles in your pool. Sweeping sand and small debris off your pool floor does more than just make it look and feel nice. This vacuum keeps that unwanted stuff out of your filter, too. That helps your pool-cleaning system last longer, saving you a lot of cash. Seal the Pentair Head to your cleaning surface with its rugged body that stays flush with the floor. That gives you maximum suction, sweeping up more debris. Weights keep this vacuum on the bottom and its vinyl bumper keeps this head from scratching your liner. The Pentair 193 Vacuum head works with 1-1/4-inch or 1-1/2-inch vacuum hoses and can be controlled with a standard pool vacuum pole (both sold separately). Leave the sand at the beach and keep your pool floor debris-free with the Pentair 193 Vinyl Pool Liner Vacuum Head.


  • Cleans dirt and debris off your pool's floor and walls
  • Tough bristles scrub up stubborn spots
  • Fits all standard telescopic pool poles
  • Works directly off the power of your pool's pump
  • Manual pool vacuum style gives you more control while maneuvering your cleaner
  • New Pentair R201350 Vinyl Liner Vacuum
  • Pentair Rainbow part #193
  • Vinyl bumper protects your pool's lining while you clean
  • Part Number: R201350
  • Product condition: Brand new
  • Color: Blue
  • Manufacturer warranty: 60-day warranty

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