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500 CFM Professional Grade Greenhouse Air Filter

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There are all kinds of benefits to growing food indoors. But smell can be a harsh drawback. As plant food ferments, it can create a stinky odor that can be difficult to even stand. And it's not something that can be solved by simply getting better quality food. Even the best plant food can generate an awful smell. But that doesn't mean you have to get used to it. With the Phat Filter, you can remove those odors from the air and enjoy your garden without having to plug your nose. This filter has a CFM of 500 and measures 6 by 24 inches in size. It works by sending air through carbon. The carbon used is non-pelletized, and uses no glues or binders, leading to an overall more effective filter. Each filter is also sealed after it's made, helping it to keep the moisture it needs to do its job. With any filter, one of the key components is air flow. Air needs to be able to flow easily through the filter, but it also can't be allowed to go through without being thoroughly purified. The Phat Filter was designed to answer both of these needs. For one, it has an internal, conical filter base that helps to increase the level of air flow. An outer aluminum mesh also assists with air flow by providing 53% more open space for the air to move through. But a Phat filter is made to ensure that no air is able to get through without having been filtered. This is partly accomplished by using low-density virgin carbon. The carbon is also tightly packed within the filter, giving it a higher porosity. That simply means that the air is forced to make contact with a high percentage of the carbon. The end result is that the carbon is able to take care of more odor-causing particles, leading to clean and stink-free air. The Phat filter is good for more than just indoor gardening. It can also come in handy for restaurants, painting companies, and even sewage treatment plants. Anywhere air needs to be cleaned up, the Phat Filter can help.


  • 500 CFM 6 x 24-inch Phat Filter with purifier
  • Great for greenhouses, grow rooms, commercial facilities, painting companies, restaurants, and more
  • Immediately sealed after manufacturing to help retain moisture, optimize presentation, and improve life expectancy
  • Made with highly effective, low density virgin carbon
  • Made with 1200 MG/G iodine test, virgin charcoal
  • Greater & more even air movement provided by internal, conical filter base
  • Manufactured so that no air blows by the filter without being filtered
  • Outer aluminum mesh provides 53% open area allowing increased air flow
  • Carbon tightly packed for increased porosity
  • CFM at 0.0 SP: 500
  • 2-inch thick carbon beds
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 6 x 2 x 24 inches
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty
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