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Replacement Cleaner Belt Kit for Polaris 360 and 380

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When it’s time to rejuvenate your Polaris pool cleaner, the Polaris Replacement Cleaner Belt Kit can get it as working as good as new again. Pool cleaners are like everything else you buy: eventually, they wear out. Chances are, though, you can extend its life with a few parts updates. That’s where this pool-cleaner belt kit comes in handy. It includes both belts you need for the cleaner’s motor and wheels – the large one and the small one. This pool-cleaner belt kit is compatible with the Polaris 360 and 380 cleaners, 2 of Polaris’s leading pressure cleaners for in-ground swimming pools. If your cleaner is operating sluggishly, getting stuck in corners or other spots in your pool, it may be that your old belts are worn out and loose and not turning the wheel as well as they should. With regular use, these belts can wear or break over time. Luckily, changing the belt on a Polaris pool cleaner can be done in just minutes. Replacing the belts with this pool-cleaner belt kit requires taking the cleaner apart, but it’s not difficult. You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver, needle-nose pliers and a small flathead screwdriver. While you have the cleaner apart, it’s a good idea to check other parts to see if they need replacing too. That includes bearings, gears, gear shaft, axle blocks, wheels, and more. That way, you won’t have to disassemble it again later if another part needs replacing. Just like the original pool-cleaner belts, these are made of tough, long-lasting rubber and are outfitted with teeth to drive the cleaner’s motor and help keep it free of contaminants. Once the cleaner is disassembled, you simply push the pool-cleaner belts onto the pulley – the smaller one on the inside of the transfer pulley and the larger one on the outside with the belt divider separating them. With the Polaris replacement pool-cleaner belt kit, you can give your Polaris 360 or 380 a whole new lease on life and give your budget relief from having to buy a new cleaner.


  • Replacement swimming pool cleaner belt kit rejuvenates your Polaris cleaner
  • Provides enhanced traction and improved cleaner coverage
  • Compatible with Polaris 360 and 380 pool cleaners
  • 2 belts included – large and small
  • New belts can solve your cleaner’s sluggishness and stuck it from getting stuck
  • Made of tough, long-lasting rubber
  • Belts outfitted with “teeth” to drive pool cleaner’s motor and wheels
  • Genuine Polaris part
  • Weight: 0.96 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty

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