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PMK 1350 Pond Filter System with 350 GPH Pump & Filter

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Vibrant ponds with schools of fish and lush plants need a high-performance filtration system to clean and aerate their water. Keep your pond healthy with the help of the PMK 1350 Garden Pond Filter System from Pondmaster. Circulate clean and clear water through your pond with the Pondmaster PMK 1350 pond filter system. This kit comes with everything you need to get set up and filtering. This pond filter system kit includes a box filter, pond pump, filter media, hose fittings, hoses, and 2 different fountain heads. Draw water into the filter with the pond pump. Able to pump up to 350 gallons per hour, this fully submersible pond pump is perfect for small to medium-sized ponds up to 800 gallons. This pond filtration system uses the Pondmaster 1000 box filter. Set this pond filter at the bottom of your pond, connect to the pump, and let it get to work. Easily grab and move the pond filter with its sturdy handle. This high-performance pond filter draws in water through its 12- by 12-inch grid to clean water from all around. Filter large debris, fine debris, chemicals, and fish waste out of the water with the help of the polyester and carbon filter media. This pond filter uses mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration to keep your pond water sparkling clean and safe for your fish. By sending water out of a fountain head, this filtration system continuously aerates your pond. A highly-aerated pond makes your fish and plants healthier and helps your water stay cleaner. Fountain heads also create a fun visual effect for your relaxation and enjoyment. Choose the fountain head that works best for your pond. Create fun, exciting water fountain displays with 4 patterns: bell, lotus, high fleur di lis, and low fleur de lis. Keep the water moving with the pond pump. You get the needed 0.75-inch fittings and hoses to connect the pond pump to the filter and fountain heads. As this pond pump draws water into the filter, it uses its magnetic drive motor to save you money. This energy-efficient system uses less energy than other direct drive pond pumps so you'll save on your monthly electric bills. Just plug in the included 18-foot-long power cord to get started. Create a healthy pond for your fish and plants. The Pondmaster Garden Pond Filter System gives you everything you need to aerate your pond and filter out contaminants.


  • Pump and filter kit great for ponds that need more filtering capability to keep their water, fish, and plants clean and happy
  • Includes Pondmaster 1000 submersible box filter, 350 gallon per hour magnetic drive pump, polyester and carbon filter media, 0.75-inch hose fittings, flexible hose, and 2 fountain heads
  • Suitable for small to medium ponds up to 800 gallons
  • The system can be used as the sole source of bio-mechanical filtration
  • Provides an attractive fountain display in the pond
  • Uses mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration
  • Fountain head provides more aeration and an exciting water display
  • Spray water up to 10.5 feet in the air
  • Sturdy handle makes it easy to lift the filter from the pond when it's time to clean
  • 2 fountain heads: 1 bell fountain head and 1 adjustable fountain head
  • Comes with 12-inch-long hose and 2 8.5-inch-long fountain hoses
  • Includes 18-foot power cord
  • Specifications:
  • Pump type: Pond pump
  • Pump: Pondmaster Model 3 Mag-Drive (model number: 02523)
  • Discharge flow: 350 gallons per hour

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