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Small Backwash Air Kit for ClearGuard Pressure Filters

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When it's time to backwash your pressurized pond filter, make it easy to clear away all the trapped gunk and debris. Get this Small Backwash Air Kit from Pondmaster to make your routine pond maintenance quick and easy. This pond filter backwash kit works by blowing air through your filter to rattle the biological filter media. This frees trapped debris so it can be easily flushed out during your backwash cycle. Attach this backwash air pump kit to your Pondmaster ClearGuard pressure filter. The small backwash air kit fits ClearGuard 2,700 and 5,500 gallon per hour filters (model numbers 05615 and 05625). This pond filter backwash kit includes an air pump to create turbulence inside your pond filter and everything you need to attach this air pump to your ClearGuard UV pond filter. You'll get the AP-40 air pump (model number 04540), an inline ball water valve, a 10-foot-long hose, hose clamps, and a 0.5-inch NPT and barbed elbow fitting. The pond filter backwash kit comes with detailed assembly instructions. ClearGuard pond filters use a pressurized system with a UV clarifying light to filter and sanitize water in mid-sized and large ponds. To do this, these pond filters use a large basin filled with biological filter media and beneficial bacteria. From time-to-time, this basin may accumulate more pond waste than its able to break down or it may draw in a large piece of debris that clogs the pond filter. This is when you'll need to rinse out (or "backwash") the basin. You only need to wash out your pressurized pond filter at the start of spring and a few times throughout the season. If you notice the water flow into and out of your pond filter is slowing, then you'll know it's time to do a quick rinse. Free up debris from your pressurized pond filter so it can get back to work. Keep your pond water cleaner and clearer with the help of this Pondmaster Small Backwash Air Kit.


  • Loosen pond waste in your filter with the help of this backwash air kit
  • Made to fit Pondmaster ClearGuard 2,700 and 5,500 gallon per hour pressurized pond filters (model numbers 05615 and 05625)
  • Includes AP-40 air pump (model number 04540), inline ball water valve, 10-foot-long vinyl hose, hose clamps, and 0.5-inch NPT and barbed elbow fitting
  • Uses forced air to break up debris build-up clogging the filter media in the ClearGuard pressure filter
  • Use before running a backwash cycle on the pressure filter
  • Effectively frees debris from the pond filter so your backwash cycle clears out all excess debris
  • Included air pump produces up to 2,900 cubic inches of air per minute
  • Runs quietly
  • Can be placed up to 9.6 feet deep in your pond
  • Part number: 15660
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2-year warranty

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