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Bromine-Based Spa and Hot Tub Start-Up Kit

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Keeping your spa water crystal clear can be tough with all the things you need to keep an eye on. With the Qualco Bromine-Based Spa and Hot Tub Start-Up Kit, you'll have everything you need to open and maintain your spa. You've got your new hot tub all set up. To get started with your non-chlorine sanitizing system, you'll want to add your bromine base in first. This base produces a bromine reserve in your spa or hot tub water. The mixture of bromine salts keeps a steady bank of bromine in the water until you're ready to add the bromine tablets. The mini slow-dissolving tablets work best with a bromine dispenser, and you should add enough to get the bromine levels up to 2 to 4 parts per million (ppm). You can use this bromine formula weekly to keep your water safely sanitized at all times. As you are using your spa, you may notice that the water is a little murkier than normal. This is normally caused by organic contaminants from your skin like makeup and oils that are dissolved in the water. You can quickly create clear and clean water with the included shox formula. A concentrated non-chlorine formula that eliminates odors and clears cloudy water, shox reduces irritating contaminants in your water. Because it's not chlorine-based, it won't affect your sanitizer levels at all. It will not bleach or fade your vinyl liners while keeping your bubbly waters clean and clear. To ensure the best performance of the chemicals included in this kit, make sure you don't add it in when anyone is in the spa waters. Instead of adding it through the skimmer system, you should carefully distribute it by pouring it into the center of the spa water with the circulation system running. If you're going to be putting more than 1 chemical into your water at a time, be sure to wait a few minutes before adding the next one. And when you're done using the included chemicals, store the kit in a cool and dry location out of direct sunlight to keep the chemical properties intact. Tackle spa maintenance with this Bromine-Based Spa and Hot Tub Start-Up Kit from Qualco.


  • Includes all the essentials when opening a new spa
  • Non-chlorine, all bromide keeps your spa properly sanitized
  • Designed for residential portable spas and hot tubs
  • Use the mini slow dissolving brominating tablets and bromine base to begin disinfecting your water
  • 18-ounce bottle of shox oxidizer shock treatment prevents cloudy and dull water
  • Measure bromine levels in your water with the included 10 pack of test strips
  • Product type: Spa chemicals
  • What's included: (1) 8-ounce brominating tablets, (1) 18-ounce spa shox, (1) 1-pound bromine base, (1) 10-pack bromine test strips

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