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Triple Fun Inflatable Kids Water Park with 3 Slides

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Water and slides are both great options for summer fun. Combining them into a water slide is even better. Take that to the next level, and you get the RipTide Triple Fun Inflatable Water Park. Water slides are awesome because they combine the thrill of sliding with the fun of splashing into water. What makes the Triple Fun Water Park so cool is that it has 3 of these slides. Each has its own sprayer and leads into a wide pool that kids can splash into. But the fun in this water park doesn't end with that. It also includes a water cannon that can be aimed to spray water at unsuspecting targets. It can be a neat way to dish out some refreshing water. That, or a great way to start a game of water tag. After going down the slides and dodging the cannon, kids can use the built-in basketball hoop and included ball to play a scoring game out in the water. If they haven't gotten sprayed enough, they can stand under the blow-up fire hydrant and have more water fall on their heads. There are so many ways for kids to enjoy this inflatable water park. One group might decide to play water tag, where one uses the cannon while the other escape along the walkway or down the slides. They could race down the slides, with a group of three kids all starting at the same time. They could even use the whole park as an obstacle course, running from walkway to slide to basketball hoop. However it's used, kids and adults alike will appreciate the high-quality PVC fabric it's made with. That's because this fabric keeps the park up and running strong through many afternoons of play. That way kids can enjoy the excitement of the RipTide Triple Fun Inflatable Water Park again and again.


  • SPLISH SPLASH, take a super cool bath in this larger-than-life water activity center. Hang out in the pool with water cannons, hydrant sprayer, and built-in sprayers to keeps kids cool in the sun.
  • 3, 2, 1... GO as fast as you can down the triple lanes included in this water park. Bring your most competitive friends to make any day a race day. A super cool reward awaits all 3 racers in the refreshing splash pool.
  • BALLIN' IS A HABIT or at least it can be with this extra sporty pool and included inflatable ball. Try shooting from the enclosed tunnel or while you slip down 1 of the slides for an ultra cool game of hoops.
  • SUPER DURABLE CONSTRUCTION to make sure your kiddos can keep jumping day after day. High quality, machine woven PVC fabric is lined with cushioned padding to keep play time safe and secure.
  • SPEEDY SETUP in just a few quick minutes so the water filled fun doesn't have to wait. Just inflate, attach a hose, and get to splashing quicker than you can say Triple Fun.
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