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6-Inch Pool Ladder or Rail Surface Mount, Gray

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When you're installing a new pool ladder or railing, you need something to hold it in place and remain secure for years to come. This pool ladder surface mount from Saftron does just that: it mounts to your pool deck to hold your pool ladder or railing and stands up to everything the outdoors can throw its way. This surface mount drills into the wood or cement deck around your in-ground pool. Any standard 1.9-inch outside diameter pool ladder or rail will fit into it. This surface mount stands 6 inches tall and has a diameter of 5.2 inches. Each surface mount is sold separately, so you'll want to make sure you get enough to secure each arm of your pool ladder or railing. Trust in this surface mount to stand up to years of outdoor wear and tear. The high-impact polymer construction resists damage from buffs and bumps caused by thrown pool toys, heavy mop and broom heads sweeping across your tile, and guests yanking on the pool ladder or railing. The surface mount also withstands everything Mother Nature can throw at it. Tougher than the sun and rain, its heavy-duty materials resist UV-light damage, corrosion, and storms year-round. Additionally, the sun will not discolor this surface mount, ensuring a perfect match between your mounting base and your pool ladder or railing. Unlike stainless steel ladder mounts, this polymer ladder mount does not corrode or rust. It also stays cool to the touch no matter the temperature.. It is specifically designed to withstand the chemicals used in pool water so this surface mount stands strong and holds tight while others crack, rust, and break. If you prefer saltwater over freshwater, rest assured this surface mount will remain unaffected by salty brine and splashes from enthusiastic pool guests. Strong but unassuming, this surface mount does its job and blends in with your existing pool decor. While the surface mount holds tightly onto your pool ladder or railing, it also creates a smooth and seamless connection from your pool rails to your surrounding deck. There's no unsightly or unsafe edges either. The rounded edges on the pool ladder mount softens the stark contrast between pool rail and deck while creating a neat and clean look. With the edges of your pool ladder or railing safely hidden, you and your guests will avoid swimsuits and swim floats snagging on an edge and little fingers will be safe from catching on an unprotected sharp corner. Secure your pool ladder or railing with something that won't budge or wimp out on you after a few summers. The Saftron pool ladder surface mount stands strong so getting in and out of your pool is easy.


  • Pool rail surface mounting base that fits the standard 1.9-inch outside diameter (OD) pool rails
  • UV-protected vinyl finish will not show wear throughout the changing seasons
  • Resistant to the elements, UV, and chemicals while requiring virtually no maintenance
  • Anchor is built with a high-impact polymer construction for a trusted bond
  • Unaffected by pool chemicals, salt, and sun and remains cool to the touch
  • Base surface mounts to any secure anchoring foundation
  • Specifications:
  • Type: Surface mounting base
  • Material: High-impact polymer vinyl
  • Interior diameter: 1.93 inches
  • Color: Gray
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.2 x 5.2 x 6 inches
  • Manufacturer warranty: 5-year warranty
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