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System 2 PLM200 Module Pool Filter Cartridge

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Trap dirt and debris from your pool season after season by staying stocked up on the perfect cartridge media for your filter pump. For the PLM200 pump, you’ll want to have this Sta-Rite System 2 PLM200 Replacement Module Filter Cartridge in stock. When your pool water just doesn't glimmer like it used to, you'll know it's time to replace your filter cartridge. This piece of routine maintenance ensures that your pool stays clean and shiny all summer long. This particular filter cartridge has the model number 270020150S and fits in Sta-Rite's System 2 PLM200 filter pump. As water flows through your filter pump, it carries debris and dirt that your filter media snatches. When the PLM200 pump can filter through thousands of gallons of water every hour, you'll want a filter cartridge that can stand up to heavy use. This filter module replacement has 150 square feet of tightly pleated polyester media for better filtration of your pool water. With more pleats, this module filter replacement cartridge can catch and filter out more from your pool water. This heavy-duty fabric stands up to whatever comes its way including dirt, debris, mineral, scale, oils, and rust. To help the heavy-duty polyester media do its job, Sta-Rite dips the ends of the filter cartridge in vinyl plastisol. The plastisol material flexes with the polyester pleats as water and debris passes through so the pleats stay folded securely inside even if larger debris (like pebbles or leaves) hit. The reinforced end caps help the filter cartridge last for longer. Before you replace the cartridge, rinse it. The strong polypropylene core allows you to wash and reuse this filter cartridge. You might be able to get more use out of it before it needs to be replaced. The Sta-Rite System 2 cartridge filter stands slimmer than many other filter pumps. Since you can slip the unassuming System 2 filter pump just about anywhere, this replacement filter cartridge slips into the pump easily. Measuring 13 inches in diameter, this filter cartridge is just as slim and trim as the System 2. Keep your pool water clean week after week with the help of this System 2 PLM200 Replacement Module Pool Filter Cartridge.


  • Sta-Rite PLM200 Replacement Cartridge Filter
  • 200 square foot filter with 13-inch diameter
  • Increased pleat count for better water filtration
  • Reinforced end caps for improved stability
  • Cross-bands to prevent pleat damage
  • This replacement filter cartridge is easy to install
  • Type of pool filter or cartridge replacement: Replacement filter cartridges
  • Model number: 27002-0200S
  • Specifications:
  • Filter type: Replacement filter cartridges
  • Depth: 13.75 inches
  • Width: 13.75 inches
  • Height: 23.75 inches
  • Diameter: 13 inches
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.75 x 13.75 x 23.75 inches
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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