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KidAlert Outdoor Driveway Child Boundary Safety Net

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Kids love to wander. They also love to chase and to run, especially when they've just figured out how. The important thing is that they wander, chase, and run safely. The Step2 KidAlert Child Boundary Net can help you create a safe place for kids to do just that, so they can explore their independence in a secure way. The safety net is held aloft by 2 plastic men, one on each side. The net itself stretches 10 feet in length, allowing you to cover a space about the length of a 1-car driveway. Having this net in place can accomplish a couple of things. For one, it can keep balls from rolling to where they're not supposed to. That can be especially handy on a slanted driveway where balls could easily roll out into a street. Also, while it's not made to act like a soccer goal, it can stop balls that may have been kicked or thrown in the wrong direction. That's an important function since a child's first instinct is often to chase any ball that rolls away from them. In addition to stopping wayward balls, this safety net can also help to establish what the boundary for playing is. A child might not always be able to understand or remember what they were told, especially in the excitement of playtime. But if they see this neon green barrier, they'll be alerted that this is the edge of the play zone. It can also be helpful for people driving nearby since it'll make it clear that children are playing in the area. To keep the net in place, each of the plastic anchors can be filled up with sand (not included). When full, the sand will add about 5 pounds of weight to each anchor. That'll bring each plastic man up to about 7 pounds, heavy enough to not get knocked over, but light enough to be moved for a bit if need be. If they're set up in grass or other soft ground, you can also use the included ground stakes. The net anchors should always be filled with sand when in use, but using anchors can provide additional support to keep the wind or a stray ball from knocking them over. This net comes with a carry bag that can hold the net along with the 4 ground anchors. With it, you can easily take the Step2 KidAlert Child Boundary Net wherever you might need it, making it a versatile tool to help keep kids safe while they have fun.


  • Alerts little ones to the boundaries of the driveway or playground
  • 10-foot bright fabric net is easy to spot
  • Use the 4 stakes to anchor down the sign into the ground
  • Fill the 2 foot-anchors with sand for added weight (sand not included)
  • Not intended as a toy for children
  • Lightweight and compact for easy transportation
  • Net rolls into included storage bag for quick storage
  • Adult assembly required
  • Color: Green and red
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.5 x 1 x 1.63 feet
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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