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| TEK-8550-75

Flex Alloy 5/8-Inch 75-Foot Heavy-Duty Garden Hose

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For an incredible garden, you need an incredible hose. Look no further than the Apex Flex Alloy 5/8-Inch 75-Foot Heavy-Duty Garden Hose to revolutionize your garden and landscape watering experience. When it comes to superior garden hose performance, you won’t find a better hose than the Flex Alloy from Apex. Whether you have a large yard or garden, a busy greenhouse or farm, or are constantly on the go dealing with professional landscape upkeep, this industrial-caliber hose will help you get your jobs accomplished. The Flex Alloy has a 5/8-inch diameter so you’ll be sure to have the necessary water volume so you can bring water to your precious plants even in the heat of the season. Even so, this garden hose remains comfortable and easy to use even when stretched out to 75 feet. It’s reinforced, vinyl construction also means you can tug, pull, yank, swing, and twist this garden hose around all your garden’s plants, bushes, structures, and stakes without it ever falling apart on you. Patented Flex Alloy technology in this garden hose’s construction provides amazing strength without being difficult to use. This hose is great for high-activity watering environments such as high-traffic farms or greenhouses. Industrial-grade aluminum couplings are not only leak-proof but also crush-proof up to 1,500 pounds—perfect for when someone accidentally drives over the hose left laying across the road. The Tuff-wear jacket of this garden hose resists leaks, abrasions, punctures, and cuts and glides smoothly across surfaces without ever tearing or snagging, ideal when rounding building corners or pulling around rough, woody trunks. A Stress Arrest Shield protects your male end from the wear and tear of repeated use and can extend the life of your hose up to 8-times longer. Despite being heavy-duty, this garden hose is incredibly flexible for easier handling while in use and faster wind-up storage. You can forget about frustrating kinks that stop you in the middle of work; this garden hose features superior kink resistance that promises a continuous cool stream no matter how many twists and turns you make while watering. Heavy-duty strain relief prevents kinks from happening right at the water source, so you never have to stop and walk back to the faucet to get the water flowing again. Watering around your home or garden doesn’t have to be difficult. Take the work out of yard work, courtesy of the Flex Alloy 75-Foot Heavy-Duty Garden Hose by Apex.


  • Industrial-grade 75-foot garden hose is great for heavy-duty watering around your home garden, farm, greenhouse, or professional contractor environment
  • Heavy-duty stress relief prevents your hose from kinking at the faucet
  • 500+ psi burst rating for maximum durability and high-pressure watering
  • Industrial-grade aluminum couplings are leak-proof and crush-resistant up to 1,500 pounds
  • Stress arrest shield on male end helps extend hose life up to 8-times longer
  • Tuff-wear jacket protects your hose from scuffs and abrasions and keeps it looking good
  • Flexible design for easier handling and winding up when not in use
  • Great for home gardens, farms and greenhouses, and professional contractors
  • Made in the USA
  • Specifications:
  • Cold/hot water use: Cold
  • Hose diameter: 0.625 inches
  • Burst pressure: 500+ psi
  • Product type: Garden hose
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Color: Green
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