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5-Foot Bug Mosquito Net for All TreePod Models, White

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When you’re enjoying your TreePod Lounger or Cabana, chances are you’re loving many things about nature, except the mosquitoes. Let this 5-Foot TreePod Mosquito Net serve as a pal to your TreePod Lounger and a barrier between you and unwanted insects. Feel free to separately purchase any TreePod model, including the Lounger, or Cabana, both of which work with this insect net. You love your TreePod Lounger, probably just as much as nature itself. That doesn’t mean you ought to spend relaxation time scratching mosquito bites and fending off flies. Enjoy your backyard’s beauty, bugs, and quirks by putting this pearly sheath over the entrance to your TreePod hammock. This protective net lets you enjoy your view at a respectful distance from those bugs. Once spring sweeps in, you deserve to enjoy everything. From the balmy weather to the slight breeze to the longer days, bask in every detail of the season without insects showing up to your TreePod Lounger uninvited. As you curl up in your hammock with a glass of cucumber water, your favorite novel, and the sun above, you’ll feel as if every afternoon was made for you. This mesh hammock net is dense enough to keep out only mosquitoes, but also other smaller bugs. The netted pores are tiny enough to shield you from even the sneakiest of critters. This mosquito net is simple to assemble. Just attach the mesh by its included magnets. The net will cover the entryway to your TreePod Lounger, so you can focus on reclining, not batting away bugs. The sheer material provides great visibility, so you can peer out at nature without becoming too much of a part of it. Constructed with polyester, this insect net’s material keeps its shape, deflects mildew, and stands up to wear-and-tear.


  • Mesh bug net eliminates pesky bugs from entering
  • Works with TreePod models including the Lounger, or Cabana, sold separately
  • Net attaches to the door of any TreePod model, lounger, or cabana
  • Easy attachment with magnets for quick access
  • Blocks out the tiniest mosquitoes and gnats
  • Made of fine and durable polyester to keep all insects out
  • Size: 5 foot
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2-year warranty

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