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2.5-Gallon Dual 200 PSI Onboard Air Compressor Kit

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Your vehicle's tires keep you moving. When emergencies happen or you just need a little more air in your tires to get home after off-roading, you can't always stop at a gas station to fill up your tires with air. Have the convenience of a portable air station in the back of your car with this 2.5-Gallon Dual 200 PSI Onboard Air Compressor Kit from Viair. This onboard air system mounts to your vehicle so wherever you do, the air you need is right there. This kit gives you everything you need to install the onboard air system and get going, including 2, 380C air compressors, a 2.5-gallon air tank, 2, 20-foot air lines, an inline pressure regulator, and the necessary mounting hardware. You'll be able to fill your tires quickly or use air-powered tools without a hassle thanks to the dual, 100% duty cycle air compressors. With 2 air compressors working side-by-side to produce up to 200 PSI, there's practically no downtime. You can get rolling again with tires 40 inches and smaller in just 2 to 5 minutes. You also can work with pneumatic tools rated at 200 PSI or less working pressure. When you mount these air compressors and tank, we recommend placing the compressors as close to your car battery as possible to get peak performance. You'll also want to make sure the air compressors and tank are placed in a flat, upright location where there isn't much moisture or dust. Though this air system's components are water and dust resistant, they are not waterproof or dustproof and may work less efficiently in wet or dirty locations. This onboard air system works with vehicle electrical systems rated at 12 volts. At a maximum, the onboard air system will draw 44 amps of current. You will be able to use 0.86 CFM at it's maximum pressure rating of 200 PSI and have 1.54 CFM at 100 PSI. The Viair 2.5-Gallon Dual 200 PSI Onboard Air Compressor is always ready to work to get you back on the road. With this kit, Viair has made it easy to install onboard air even if you aren't a professional with clear instructions and everything you need to get the onboard air system mounted and installed.


  • Includes all parts needed for a working system capable of inflating tires, managing air locking differentials, and more
  • Dual 380C compressors with 200 PSI maximum working pressure and 100 PSI at 100% duty cycle
  • 2.5-gallon air tank
  • For tires up to 40 inches
  • 2, 20-foot 0.25 inch air lines included
  • Includes:
  • 2.5-gallon air tank
  • 2, 380C air compressors
  • 30-foot coil hose with quick connects
  • Tire inflation gun with 200 PSI gauge
  • 0 to 220 PSI pressure regulator
  • Sealed pressure switch (165 PSI on, 200 PSI off)
  • 200 PSI illuminated dash panel gauge
  • 2, 40-amp relays
  • Inline fuse holder
  • 0.25 inch quick connect coupler (M)
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