32-Ounce 180 Sq. Ft. Evaporative Baby Nursery Humidifier

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Infants have sensitive skin and respiratory systems, so you want to make their surroundings as soothing, safe and healthy as possible. The Vornadobaby Evaporative Home Nursery Humidifier provides just the peace of mind you need. There’s nothing worse for parents than to see their tot suffering, and the excessively dry air that often comes with winter can mean dry skin, itchy eyes, coughing and more. Not on your watch. This nursery humidifier provides just the right amount of moisture for about a 180-square-foot space to keep those maladies at bay. Because it uses evaporative technology, this Vornado humidifier doesn’t leave behind that unsightly white dust you get with many humidifiers, and you can safely set it on the floor without worrying about it leaving damp spots. The evaporative technology takes air from the room, adds moisture by filtering it through a water-saturated wick, blows it back out with a fan, and the water evaporates into the air. And because it’s made for your nursery, this humidifier has several important safety features: you can lock the controls, so your inquisitive little one can’t mess with them; an extra wide base protects against toppling; the water bottle is impossible for baby to get to; there are no pinching hazards; and the cord wrap keeps the cord from tempting Junior. Also, because the humidifier’s soothing comfort comes out as room-temperature air, you don’t have to worry about kids or pets getting scalded. The humidifier’s easy-fill tank holds 32 ounces and puts out 1 gallon of moisture over its 12-16-hour run time. It lights up when it’s time to refill. 2 airflow settings and automatic humidity control make it a breeze to set this humidifier for maximum comfort. Make sure your baby’s nursery is as comfortable and healthy as it can be with the Vornadobaby nursery humidifier.


  • Vortex air circulation technology circulates the air around baby and keeps the room comfortable for up to 12 hours at a time
  • Doesn't use mist or fine white dust particles, instead using natural evaporation
  • Lockable controls and no pinch points keep curious babies safe
  • Spill-resistant removable water reservoir with automatic refill reminders
  • Easy cord wrap management keeps the power cord out of the way when not in use
  • Extra wide base prevents tipping over
  • Removable grill for easy cleaning
  • Specifications:
  • Fan speeds: 2
  • Humidity settings: 5
  • Tank capacity: 32 ounces
  • Coverage: 180 square feet
  • Output: 1 gallon per day
  • Run Time: 12-16 hours
  • Max cubic feet per minute (CFM): 23
  • Power cord length: 6 feet
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Great product. Fantastic customer service.

I use my humidifier only in the winter. After two full winters it is still operating perfectly, I've only had to change the wick and clean the basin. I lost the rubber o ring on the water bottle and Huey sent me a replacement for free. I really like …

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Papa Moai, Mar 28, 2019

a site owned and operated by Vornado Air LLCWritten by a customer while visiting a site owned and operated by Vornado Air LLC

Love this Fan for the nursery

We love this being in her nursery it has good White Noise plus the fand adds Circulation to the air but it's not too loud. We love the light on top is the perfect night light without being too bright.

Cami, Oct 18, 2018

a site owned and operated by Vornado Air LLCWritten by a customer while visiting a site owned and operated by Vornado Air LLC


Liked this humidifier at first, but then noticed mold on the inside. Have stopped using it in my daughters room. Have contacted customer service twice already with no response. So much for that 5 year satisfaction statement they don't seem to stand b…

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KG, Feb 8, 2018

a site owned and operated by Vornado Air LLCWritten by a customer while visiting a site owned and operated by Vornado Air LLC


I was initially super excited about this product until the mold came along! It creates an optimal environment for mold to grow which you can then smell in the air. Filters last about three weeks before the mold takes over and they aren't cheap to rep…

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Disappointed, Jan 30, 2018

a site owned and operated by Vornado Air LLCWritten by a customer while visiting a site owned and operated by Vornado Air LLC

Humidifier great, light annoying

This is an awesome humidifier, but the light that turns on when you're supposed to refill it is very annoying. It comes on in the middle of the night and lights up the whole room. Even if I fill it up at bedtime by 3:00am the light is on. I appreciat…

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Em, Dec 14, 2017

vminnovations.comWritten by a customer while visiting vminnovations.com

Wish they would sell the old filters

I have 2 Vornado Hueys and love that they don't use antibacterial Microban or Nano particles inside it like other companies do. But I am so disappointed that they have added antibacterials to their filters now. It's not nanosilver or microban but if …

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SM, Sep 18, 2017

vminnovations.comWritten by a customer while visiting vminnovations.com

MOLD!! I would NOT buy this again.

We started using this at bedtime when our son got congested from a cold. We used it for two nights and on the third night, when the air came out it smelled musty. I opened it up and the filter was black, brown, and growing fuzzy MOLD already!!!! How …

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Brittany, Jan 29, 2017

vminnovations.comWritten by a customer while visiting vminnovations.com

We apologize for your inconvenience. Your Huey Humidifier should not be having mold issues. We take it very seriously when our product does not perform as expected and stand behind our 5 Year Happy Parent Guarantee. Please contact us at 1-800-234-0604 (M-F, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. CT) or via email at [email protected] at your earliest convenience so we can make it right. - Vornadobaby Consumer Service Team

VornadoBabyPWR, Feb 3, 2017


I absolutely love this product. My little one has never slept better, which means I have never slept better. I love this air curculator. Perfect for the nursery. Safe for baby. Versatile -- fan, lights, and sounds all in one.

J ABBADESSA, Jun 29, 2016

vminnovations.comWritten by a customer while visiting vminnovations.com

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