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UFO Spinner Water Sprinkler with Hose Connector Valve

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Beam up and away with the Wham-O UFO Spinner Water Sprinkler. Transform your backyard into a UFO landing site, complete with a green alien and a wide, spectacular neon light beam. Once connected to your garden hose, this inflatable starts spinning, spraying water around, and inviting all your kiddos to run and play in your backyard space. Don’t worry if your child takes the spinning top off and tries to take it to a far-off planet, because the spinner is easily attached and will stop spraying water about when unhooked from the top of the pole. Set up the water sprinkler in your backyard, take it to your favorite local park or bring it to a party at a friend’s house. Pack up the sprinkler and travel to your family’s cabin, to a public pool or grandma’s backyard. No matter where you are, this water toy will transport there with you. The lightweight sprinkler is portable in nature, so adjusting its position is easy and painless. Installation time is quick, so your little ones will have more time to run around while dreaming of far off galaxies, stars, and milky ways. When the summer season is over, deflate the float and keep it neatly stored in a sealed plastic container or in your garden shed. If your kids just can’t part with the extraterrestrial sprinkler, do away with the hose, and set it up inside their bedroom or play area. The colorful inflatable will brighten up any yard or room you put it in. Teach your young children about what lies past our planet, about space travel and beyond, and see their imagination soar. Playtime can be a learning experience with this spacey spinning toy. Widen your horizons and look into the great unknown with the Wham-O UFO Spinner Water Sprinkler.


  • Inflatable UFO spins at the top of an inflatable beam, spinning water around
  • Kids can run around the sprinkler, getting sprayed the whole time
  • Built with kids in mind, the spinner top will stop if toppled and begin spinning again once it is back upright
  • Colorful design is a fun addition to any yard
  • Easy to set up and connect to a water hose and lightweight so you can bring to a friend's house
  • Color: Green, blue, red, and white
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 9 x 2.25 x 11.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds

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