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Trac Ball Classic Catching Game with 2 Rackets

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It's hard to think of a more classic sport than a game of catch. It's game that somehow manages to be exciting and calming at the same time, giving it endless appeal. Now, you can bring catch to a new level with the Game Time! Trac Ball Classic Set. This game set includes 2 jumbo sized rackets and 2 air action balls. The rackets are shaped so that each ball can rest within the racket when held upright. When you swing the racket, the ball will ride up it's curve before being launched towards your target. It's like you're launching the ball with a catapult, allowing you to toss the ball with much greater speed and distance that you would have been able to accomplish with just your hands. The shape of the racket also makes it much easier to catch the ball. Its wide bowl-like shape is able to work like a catcher's mitt. If you catch it right, the ball will roll down to a stop near the bottom of the racket, putting it in the perfect position to be launched again. With the added launching power and catching ability, this racket set makes it possible to play catch over a huge area. It can also make it easier for kids to play catch since they'll be able to throw and catch the ball more easily. A highlight of ths racket set is their bright and distinct colors. When you're playing in tall grass, especially in a large field, it can be easy to lose a ball or even a racket. But the bright yellow of the rackets and the distinct red and black of the balls help them stand out among green grass. Recommended for those aged 8 and up, the Game Time! Trac Ball Classic Set is a great way to play catch with a new level of energy and excitement.


  • Bring a vintage spin to your game of catch
  • Set includes 2 jumbo sized rackets and 2 air-action balls
  • Rackets are designed for style points; toss the ball far and with some added spin
  • Portable toy that you can use in your own yard, at the park, or at the beach to enjoy the sunshine and bond over a classic pastime
  • Recommended for use with those aged 8 and older
  • Bright colors and jumbo size make these toys easy to find in taller grass or buried at the bottom of a toy box
  • Color: Yellow, black, and red
  • Dimensions, racket (length): 21.5 inches
  • Dimensions, ball (diameter): 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.42 pounds

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