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| JPW-11744

4-Inch Steel Jaw Workbench Drill Press Vise

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The Wilton 4-Inch Workbench Drill Press Vise makes it easy to keep things steady while using a drill press. That's thanks to the vise's low-profile design. Unlike other grips that hold objects high above the table, this one keeps objects low. That way you'll have the clearance needed to fit the clamp underneath a drill press. Like many other vise grips, it's made with a pair of jaws that are tightened by twisting a handle on the end of the vise. But one of the things that makes this grip stand out is the threaded screw that the handle turns. This screw has a black oxide coating all along it. Because of it, the screw won't slip when it's tightened, giving you a consistent and firm grip. To make the most of that grip, you can also use the 4 1/2-inch shoulder slots on the bottom of the vise. With these slots, you can bolt the vice down onto a table, giving you the stability needed when working with a drill press. To keep the vise strong through heavy use, it has a cast iron castings. The grip also has steel jaws, ensuring that there's no bending or breaking when tightening things down. But you probably also want the material it holds to not break either. That's especially true when working with a softer material like wood. For that reason, this grip has jaws that are flat except for a few ridges. Thanks to them, you can keep wood steady without leaving jagged teeth marks imprinted in its surface. Because of the ridges, you can also hold round or curved objects without them slipping out of the vise. Keep your drilling projects right where you want them with the Wilton 4-Inch Workbench Drill Press Vise.


  • Great for drilling, tapping, and reaming tasks
  • Features a low-profile design for greater clearance and space around your shop
  • Secure round objects both vertically and horizontally with the hardened V grooved jaws
  • Cast iron castings and hardened steel vise jaws provides a strong, solid design
  • Consistent clamping pressure thanks to the black oxide coated ACME threaded screw
  • Highly accurate with beds and bases parallel to plus or minus 0.001 inches
  • Base has 4, 0.5-inch shoulder slots for quick, easy positioning on your bench or table
  • Specifications:
  • Jaw width: 4 inches
  • Throat depth: 1.5 inches
  • Opening capacity: 4 inches
  • Product/item type: Vise
  • Material: Iron castings and steel jaws
  • Color: Blue
  • Manufacturer warranty: Lifetime warranty

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