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Super Junior 4 inch Vise with Clamp on Swivel Base

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Every workshop needs a reliable vise grip. Sometimes it's a nut and bolt that need to be twisted apart, sometimes it's a piece of wood that needs to hold in place. Either way, something needs to stay in place. But making that happen can be trickier than a powerful grip. That's why the Super Junior Bench Vise is made to do more than just clamp down. This vise grip can be set onto almost any kind table with an overhand. All you have to do is set the vise on the edge of a table, and find up the clamp until it presses against the table. This is what'll keep the vise grip in place. Like many other grips, you can adjust the jaws by turning the lever on the end. They can open as wide as 2.25 inches, so anything within that width should fit inside. From one end to the other, the jaws measure 4 inches in length. That gives you a wide area to grip with, which gives you a better handle on the thing you want to keep a hold of. For an even better grip, the jaws are textured with little metal points. This lets the vise grab onto things more securely than if the jaws were flat. If these metal points ever get worn down, you can actually unscrew the jaws and replace them. That way you don't have to replace the whole vise grip if something happens to the jaws. Something that makes this vise grip stand out from others like it is the swivel base. This base can be rotated 45 degrees to the right or left, and then locked into place with 2 lockdown levers. That can come in handy with certain kinds of projects. Let's say you're working on a project that extends across your work table. One part of it, the part you want to grip, juts out at a 45 degree angle. Normally, you'd have to rotate the whole project to compensate. But with the Super Junior Bench Vise, you can just turn the vise to the angle you need and get to work. Great for general use or light trade work, the Super Junior Bench Vise can act as both a sturdy and adaptable tool for keeping your projects secure while you work on them.


  • Vise grip for use on a bench or table
  • Enclosed design keeps contaminants out and lubrication for smooth operation
  • Top jaws are grooved and replaceable
  • Double lockdowns ensure stability
  • Able to rotate 45 degrees left or right on base
  • Ideal for a home shop, light tradesmen, or general purpose use
  • Jaw Width: 4 inches
  • Throat Depth: 2 inches
  • Serrated Jaw Inserts: 2,900,300
  • Color: Blue

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