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Sidewinder Parallel Power Cables for 2 Generators

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Double the power you can access outdoors with the Yamaha Sidewinder Parallel Power Cables, a system that lets you combine 2 gas generators together. You need plenty of extra portable power when going on big outdoor adventures or tackling heavy-duty field work. This power cord system quickly hooks up to 2 Yamaha portable gas generators, directing power from both to a single 30A RV cord connection. These cables make it easy. You don’t have to be an electrician to get more power out of your generators. Clear, color-coordinated leads let you know exactly which cord goes where. Don’t waste time juggling cables when you need power. The Yamaha system doubles the juice faster without compromising safety. Bring the Yamaha Sidewinder Parallel Power Cables with you on the next hunting or fishing trip to power your deep freezer. Outfit your RV with a higher-quality microwave knowing you’ll have the power to get it running. This cable system is a farmer or rancher’s best friend and a life-saver during outages. Outdoor work requires hardy tools. The Yamaha Sidewinder Parallel Power Cables feature a rugged over-braided design. They also plug in with flexible tips that resist breakage. You can work as hard as you need to without worrying about damaging your equipment. Connecting 2 generators doesn’t mean you’ll have a mess of cables on your hands. This system links to your equipment with a handy Velcro mounting system. That way, the cables stay where they need to – out of your way. Keep this cable system in the same spot where you stash your generators. Outdoor life is too unpredictable. You don’t want to be left in the lurch when a 1 generator job turns into a bigger issue. With the Yamaha Sidewinder cables at-hand, you’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you. When you’ve got a 2-generator job on your hands, you need a safe way to get them working together quickly. Get twice the portable power with the Yamaha Sidewinder Parallel Power Cables.


  • Hooks up to 2 Yamaha portable gas generators to combine power into single connection
  • Compatible with standard 30A RV cords
  • Color-coded wire leads made with flexible tip construction that resists breakage
  • Mounts to generator handle with convenient velcro system
  • Fits Yamaha models: EF2000iS, EF2000iSv2, and EF2000iSH
  • Rugged over-braided cable design
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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