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Freestanding Bird Feeding Station with Patio Base

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Welcome a good old-fashioned tweetstorm to your backyard with this endlessly versatile freestanding bird feeder. Bird-feeding experts know that the key to attracting all kinds of our feathered friends is to provide water and a variety of food, and this Yard Butler YTBC-4 Adjustable Freestanding Bird Feeding Station and Patio Base is a great addition to your lawn, patio or deck. Use the hooks to hang bird feeders containing different seeds to bring in different varieties of birds: Thistle for the finches, a nut mix and suet for the woodpeckers and chickadees, sunflower seed for cardinals and just about every other species, nectar for hummingbirds. The bird feeder's included plastic bowl can be placed in the ring to provide water for birds, too. You can even adapt the bird feeder's ring to a flower pot if you like; try planting some nectar-producing flowers to draw hummers, for example. Bird houses are another option for the hooks. The bird feeder station stands on a heavy, sturdy, 24-inch wide base that will keep it upright even when the wind blows. Using bird feeders to attract birds to your yard, patio or deck is a plus on many levels. First of all, birds gotta eat. Also, they eat insects, pollinate flowers, and help control weeds in your yard. Bird feeding also is a great educational activity for kids, as they learn what kinds of wildlife surround them every day and connect with their environment. With the Yard Butler bird feeder station, everyone will be chirping with joy. The Yard Butler Online Store was established in 2006 to provide an alternative retail outlet for the Yard Butler tools manufactured by Lewis Tools. Founded in 1954, Lewis Tools is an industry leader in developing and introducing unique new lawn and garden tools.


  • Freestanding bird feeder with a sturdy 23.5-inch patio base can be used to attract a variety of birds
  • Practical and efficient design easily hangs bird feeders, bird bath, garden plants, or wind chimes
  • Designed for patios, decks or any outdoor location
  • 4 adjustable attachments arrange in multiple variations
  • 3 12-inch gravity-lock hooks and 1 11-inch diameter bird bath ring attach easily
  • The ring can be used for a flower pot
  • Pole comes in 3 approximately 2-foot-long sections
  • Tallest hook can be positioned about 6.5 feet high
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel stands up to any weather condition in all seasons
  • Assembly required
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 24 x 5 x 24 inches; assembled, stands 72 inches high
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Manufacturer warranty: 30-day warranty

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