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Landscape Drag to Level Driveways, Lots, & Yards

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Storm damage, construction, and even regular wear and tear does a number on your gravel driveway or yard. Get your surfaces back in shape with the Yard Tuff Leveling Drag. Smooth down dirt paths, driveways, plots, parking lots, and any rough surfaces you need to make even. This drag chops the tops off peaks of dirt and gravel mounds, filling in the nooks and crannies. It makes your surface look new again. Hook the Yard Tuff Leveling Drag to the back of an ATV, UTV, or any utility tractor. Drive along the path you want to smooth out and the drag takes care of the rest. It sweeps up a large 5-foot area with every pass, so you don’t have to spend all day working on the yard. Rocks, roots, constant use, and nasty weather are no match for this tough tool. The Yard Tuff Drag is made of galvanized steel that holds up to the elements and keeps your drag working every time you need it. This drag locks onto your vehicle with an easy to attach pin-style hitch. When you need it to clear out seriously tough spots, fill the Yard Tuff Drag’s central channel with 16-inch cinder blocks. It can carry up to 50 pounds. That gives this drag the weight to really get things moving. Tackle leveling jobs and grading jobs too. When you need to fix your yard’s runoff issues, the Yard Tuff Drag is the perfect tool to spread fine soil to the spots you need it. Use it on the farm to get food plots ready. Mix fertilizer into the ground with the drag mat and enrich your soil. It’s ready to handle all kinds of jobs. When mother nature puts speed bumps in the yard, cars make your driveway feel like you're cruising down a gravel washboard, or you just want a surface looking its best, smooth things out with the Yard Tuff Leveling Drag.


  • Heavy duty steel construction and powder coat finish make this product durable, rust resistant, and long lasting for a product that you can count on
  • Levels driveways, yards, parking lots, and much more
  • Pin style hitch allows the drag to be towed easily by ATVs, UTVs, and lawn tractors
  • 5.5 foot working width efficiently covers a wide path and the unique center bars are designed to hold up to 50 pounds of 16 inch cement blocks to add leverage and depth
  • Designed with a unique fixed frame for finishing grades
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 57.7 x 11.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 56 pounds
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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