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COVID-19 Letter from CEO

March 18, 2020
March 18, 2020

COVID-19 Letter from CEO

Brett Thome

To our partners and neighbors,

At Spreetail, we believe commerce should be a force for good – pushing communities forward even in the most challenging of times. The ability of our community to overcome our present challenges is limited only by our willingness to strive for the wellbeing of our neighbors. To inspire hope during this time of uncertainty, I wanted to share a few commitments we at Spreetail have made as we strive for the wellbeing of our partners, their customers, our team and our communities – will you join us?

We’re committed to health and safety

The safety and wellbeing of our partners, customers, our teams and their families is front of mind at times like this. We are closely monitoring the situation, looking to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) for guidance on how to best execute on these commitments.  

We’re committed to supporting the economy through healthy commerce

In addition to focusing on physical health, we’re closely monitoring the health of our partners’ business growth and the impact our partnerships have on the economy. We recognize our partners are more than just brands; they’re employers, consumers and valuable economic driving members of our communities. We feel the weight and importance of their success.  

Strong commerce is vital to a strong and healthy economy. As important efforts to manage the spread of disease change the way customers shop, efficient e-commerce channels are becoming increasingly critical. As a growth partner for many top e-commerce brands and marketplaces, growth for our partners and positive impact on economic health will remain our expectation. We believe our work to be essential to the thriving of our communities, and we’re confident COVID-19 will not affect our ability to drive success for our partners and value for their customers, day-in and day-out.  

We’re committed to ensuring access to needed products

We are fighting to keep delivery chains open to ensure our neighbors have timely access to much needed products. We’re staying in close contact with our service carriers in an effort to maintain our next-day and 2-day shipping capabilities across the US for shoppers on all of our 17 partner marketplaces. We believe that providing our e-commerce services to brands customers love and rely on plays a significant role in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 by enabling our partners with e-commerce capabilities to provide our communities with access to products needed to be healthy, happy, maintain a quality of life, and create memories while taking the necessary precautions to stop community spread.  

We’re committed to serving our communities

Earlier this week, Spreetailers dedicated their time to help prepare a local food bank for the increase of traffic they have and will receive when supporting those experiencing food insecurities. We are in consistent contact with community partners as we determine safe and impactful ways our employees can volunteer and serve our neighbors during this challenging time. One way we are doing this is by continuing to work with our New Beginnings partners to ensure deliveries of our mattress and home-goods donations to families transitioning into stable housing are timely, and that we practice proper social distancing in the process.

I hope these commitments bring you comfort during this time of uncertainty, inspire you to strive for the wellbeing of your neighbor in spite of fear. We possess the remarkable ability to overcome when we work together.

Brett Thome


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