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Global Ecommerce with a Focus on Growth

Spreetail is your full-service ecommerce accelerator. Our mission is to propel brands to increase their ecommerce market share across the globe while improving their operational costs.

  • Our team of experts purchase products from top brands.
  • We list that product on 8+ international marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Wayfair, and implement effective marketing and advertising strategies to drive sales.
  • Our fulfillment centers across the UK and EU offer next-day shipping coverage to large markets, we provide unparalleled value to our partners and delight millions of customers with fast and reliable order fulfillment
  • We accelerate your ecommerce growth with strategic, data-based decisions custom to your unique performance and trends across the web.

Partner with a specialized international team.

Spreetail's global team is built to launch your products to new markets and navigate the intricate landscape of multi-channel international ecommerce.

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96% positive Amazon rating & 99% positive eBay rating.
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Over 150k+ customers served since launch.
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98% On-time consumer shipments.
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9+ average content rating.
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Dedicated international Marketing & Advertising Team.
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Capture your share of the $827B European Market.

Find new and consistent growth opportunities for your brand. The ecommerce market in Europe is projected to experience a year-over-year growth rate of 14% from 2022 to 2025.

Identify customers with a strong preference for shopping in your category. Europeans have a 27.1% higher likelihood of purchasing Sports/Outdoor Equipment, 20.9% higher likelihood in Office Products, and 17.6% higher likelihood in Tools/Hardware/DIY/Lawn & Garden compared to the US.

Reduce risks and streamline your expansion process. As an end-to-end solution partner, Spreetail offers a comprehensive package that opens up a world of possibilities on an entirely new continent with just one connection.

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Broaden your global market reach
Spreetail Europe

Increase Your Delivery Speeds Across Europe

You aren't dealing with just another reseller with Spreetail. We have developed a strong fulfillment network that provides same-day and next-day delivery to major markets throughout Europe. We consistently invest in enhancing our logistics infrastructure, dedicating ourselves to expanding our coverage to drive the growth of your brand.

Fulfillment Center
Spreetail Europe Leadership
Navigate UK & EU Markets partnered with our experienced brand leadership team.
Mehmetcik Kalay
CEo, Europe

Mehmet, an experienced C-Level executive, Private Equity investor, and Board member, drives global expansion and hyper-growth in e-commerce and digital platforms. As a founding member of Spreetail Europe Team for 2 years, he accelerates brand growth and reduces operational costs, aiming to boost e-commerce market share worldwide. Mehmet is an entrepreneurial customer advocate, empowering individuals to improve themselves daily.

Gregg Carver
EU, Director, Merchandising

Gregg Carver helps lead Spreetail EUs merchandising strategy and performance as the EU Director of Merchandising. Gregg has been with Spreetail for 5 years, where his data driven, and relationship building approach have allowed his brands to grow across a variety of categories. Gregg also has 10+ years of experience in supply chain, which allows him to bring operational knowledge and expertise to the business.

Parker Van Roy
EU, Director, Merchandising

Parker has been working with our brands for over 9 years here at Spreetail and a founding member of our Spreetail Europe team. he has extensive experience growing nearly every category of products ranging from Pet to Home to Beauty and so many more. With a core focus and history of growing market share and building decade long programs with our partners, Parker and his team are here to grow your brand globally.

Lauren Lemke
UK, Director, Merchandising

Lauren Lemke, a Director of Merchandising at Spreetail, has led successful multi-million dollar partnerships in the US and UK over her 4+ years with the company. Through relationship building, creative problem-solving, and spearheading Spreetail's expansion into the UK, Lauren has driven brand growth. With 10+ years of experience in digital advertising and marketing, she brings a wealth of expertise to the merchandising team. Lauren holds an MBA with a focus on Leadership Development.

Stephanie Herrmann
DE, Director, Merchandising 

Stephanie Herrmann is Spreetail's new Director of Merchandise for Germany. With 16+ years of sales experience, her focus is growing the German business by building strong relationships with brands. She excels in identifying brand needs and expanding their online presence, backed by a decade in e-commerce. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Communication & Multimedia Management.

Erin Curry
EU, Director, Channel Operations

Erin has 10+ years of experience in ecommerce, most of which in the Fortune 500 digital and retail space. She has been with Spreetail for four years and managed several channels across North America and Europe. With experience in merchandising, digital advertising and channel strategy Erin is a true collaborator and eager to help drive nonlinear growth for your brand.

Spreetail CANADA

Grow your business in Canada

Reach more customers quickly with short transit times to the Canadian market, resulting in increased sales and happier customers.

Offering free returns further enhances customer satisfaction and encourages repeat business.

Sell more by participating in promotional events that require domestic shipping.

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