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Spreetail’s customer support team is based in-house at our Nebraska office. Our team quickly addresses customer concerns and handles return logistics for your products that are sold through Spreetail.

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Nobody likes to wait, so we don’t make them. We answer calls within 20 seconds and respond to emails within 20 minutes. Give us a call to try it out for yourself: 1-866-639-9320

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Offering a positive customer service experience is one of the most effective ways Spreetail supports
your brand.
of consumers

are more likely to make another purchase after
a positive customer service experience.

of customers

say they would switch to a new brand after one bad customer service experience.

of consumers

will choose to interact with a real person even as the technology for automated solutions improves.

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Home Grown

Both our customer support team and their technology are internal. Our customer support agents are direct employees trained by Spreetail. We take pride in our people, and your customers will see that reflected in the service they receive. It’s time you experienced Nebraska hospitality.

Our team is armed with internal technology that powers them with customer order information on demand. We’ll track orders from the 15+ marketplaces we sell on, find where a product is in processing, answer channel-specific listing questions, and swiftly handle returns and refunds.  

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"Your customers want fast, human, and immensely helpful support, our 24/7 team delivers. Quality products deserve quality support."
– Sam Wyrick, Sr. Director, Channels Operations

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