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It’s time to take the guesswork out of growth. There’s plenty of software that will give you channel-specific insights, but Spreetail’s homemade technology provides a full picture of operations and performance across the 15+ marketplaces we sell on. We spot opportunities and adapt to performance insights, paving the path for ecommerce excellence, everywhere.

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Our developers built Toolkit to gather data from events at each step of the ecommerce process and seamlessly react to those inputs. Each day, the software analyzes over 2 million events. Toolkit keeps us instantly informed and ready to act, making your partnership with Spreetail smooth and efficient.

Toolkit borrows and builds on information spanning:

Transportation Coordination
Warehouse Management
“Most companies spend their time chaining together 10’s if not 100’s of off-the-shelf technology solutions to make their workflows work. Those tools don’t speak the same language as your business, grow organically with your business, or have the same goals as your business. Since day one, we have invested in designing and building custom technology platforms to power every corner of our business – and dominate the ecommerce landscape.”

Jake Schmitt
Chief Technology Officer

Partner Portal

The Spreetail Partner Portal puts quality data in your hands, enabling true visibility and powering informed decisions.

Key features include:

  • Sales highlights showing inventory levels, sales volume, and trends
  • Marketplace distribution for all active sales channels
  • Defective Insights that inform product improvements
    and innovations
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